Burnt Out

Fellow blogging community!

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been feeling a little lackluster with the blog posts feeling like I’m confined to this schedule of posting. I’ve also been feeling like my content is suffering and I’m just writing something for the heck of it. I know that this  is something I completely put on myself but when I decided I needed to make a schedule for more regular posting, I was the one who needed some structure in my life.

Thankfully, I’m in a much better place in my life where I have more of a balance between work and social. I feel like I’m finally comfortable with making baby steps into adulthood whether that’s making regular doctors appointments or buying a new rug for my living room. But it took a long time and a ton of patience to finally feel like I’ve achieved this balance.

I’ve decided that I need to sort of take a step back from blogging on a weekly basis and find the foundation of my voice again. I want to make posts that I’m proud of and excited to write about. I will continue to write about anything food related in my life and of course all of the awkward, weird and cool things that happen in my social life as well. That being said, I do have a few things so share over the next couple weeks, so it’s not a means to an end! I’m just exploring new ways to renew my inspiration and share it passionately with this community. Posts will still appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the future!

All of this being said, I think it’s important that us young professionals of the world figure out what that point of exhaustion is and how to avoid it. I spent the first year of my professional life sleeping 4-5 hours a night, working 2 jobs 60+ hours a week, regretting the fact that I didn’t have any time for a social life and only finding solace and control in my ability to go to the gym and write this blog. All of which felt very isolating and quiet.

I kept lying to myself that it was only temporary, that I was paying my dues in the food service industry and making a sacrifice for a better future. And while this is true, everything comes at a cost. I consistently made myself sick and caught colds left and right. I had anxiety about my job every night and would restlessly sleep for the few hours I could catch on a regular basis. I got pink eye from either the gym or the kids I used to babysit which caused me to miss days of work and worry about my paychecks. Not to mention, I got in two very expensive car accidents during the worst winter of my life attributing to my stress thus causing shingles to perpetuate in my body.

I cried by myself, to my roommates and my parents on a daily basis but refused to acknowledge that I had the power to make a change. Through lots of encouragement and persistence, I got a new job and the entirety of my life changed for the better. I cannot stress the importance of caring for and putting yourself first. It isn’t selfish and it isn’t weak. At the end of the day, no matter how much support you have in your life, you’re the only one accountable for you.

You have the power to dictate the way you live your life and seek out what brings you happiness. It’s 100% okay to be lost in that journey. That’s what makes it an adventure. But everything can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle. Thats the beauty of it all.

Happiness is not a limited resource.



Sometimes writing a blog is hard. There’s nothing worse than disappointing yourself after you’ve set a certain standard (i.e. writing two posts a week). Some weeks I’m overflowing with ideas and I get really excited to work ahead whereas others I hit a wall. I’m sure all writers, professional or not, know exactly what I’m talking about. Writers block. Ugh.
This is exactly what happened to me last week. I write this blog for fun and definitely don’t want it to become a chore or something I don’t look forward to writing. I enjoy sharing my experiences and find that writing posts pushes me to try new things or see things in a different light. Often times, I attribute my lack of writing to the fact that my social life gets in the way. Which is true, but I might be using it as an excuse more often than not.
It makes me wonder, what else am I making excuses for? Big or small? Am I holding myself back in life from things that I want? A friend of mine came to visit Boston after spending a few months travelling abroad. He quit his job to have a once in a lifetime experience. And I’m completely and totally jealous. Will I ever be brave enough to take a risk like that? Leaving the comfort of having a stable job and home to go explore the world? I can’t even get a haircut without getting the opinions of my friends.
I think it’s a pretty slow process but I’ve been spending the last couple years trying to embrace the mindset of living a freer life. Being open to taking more risks, making myself vulnerable, throwing some caution into the wind. I believe that ultimately I will be more likely to have an interesting, fulfilling life. Isn’t this the biggest post grad struggle? What is our purpose? We’re trying to find the best balance of fulfilling adult responsibilities without losing the natural curiosity of being an adolescent.
I’m no expert but so far in my 23 years of life, I’m come to learn that I need to be brave. I need to live without insecurities holding me back. I should cherish my friendships and relationships and continue to make an effort to keep them intact. I guess you could say that these are my New Year’s resolutions of sorts- NEW YEAR NEW ME
Maybe this is a belated post, but does anyone have any resolutions that will help them live a freer life? How do you achieve balance in the post grad world?
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