Cape Cod!

I suck at posting lately! I’m working on getting back to myself and focusing on the things of importance in my life. I was getting a little too wrapped up in some personal issues but now I’m re-focusing back on my avenues of creativity. I have a few things to share with you guys in the upcoming posts. I’ve been to some great restaurants and visited new parts of Massachusetts which leads me to today topic: Cape Cod!

My sister came up for a visit a few weeks ago and she’s a great person to explore with! I’ve been living in New England for the past six years and I SOMEHOW managed to never go to the Cape. Since my sister was visiting in the off season, we knew not much would be open but the weather would suffice for exploring and hiking!


We found this amazing bed and breakfast called the Snug Cottage on Bradshaw Street, only blocks from Commercial Street in Provincetown. Commercial Street is the main street on the “island” of Provincetown and it’s host to many shops, clubs, restaurants, art galleries, etc. Provincetown is known for being very LGBTQ friendly and is filled to the brim with visitors over the summer. In the off season, only about 2000 residents live there as opposed to 75,000 visitors per weekend.


Tim, the owner and innkeeper of Snug Cottage was super welcoming and hospitable. Since we were the only guests of the weekend, he upgraded us to the best suite! The room featured a fireplace, adorable window seating, a small lounge area and a spacious bathroom. Breakfast was so sweet too, served at 8:30 unless otherwise requested. They featured hot, fresh muffins, granola and yogurt, hard boiled eggs, toast with an assortment of jams and milk/orange juice/coffee. There was tons of great memorabilia around the house and a ton of history about Tim’s life, past visitors to the inn and Provincetown itself.

Steph and I got dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the water and would have incredible views at sunset. The next morning, we went exploring through the town, up and down Commercial Street and visiting the Pilgrim Monument. We took some time down by the fishing docks and drove around the “island” taking in the sights! I had a great time and would definitely visit again when the weather is nicer, later in the season.

To finish off my time with my sister, we went to Sarma restaurant in Somerville which I will be reviewing next! Check back soon for another mouth-watering post!

Boston Public Market

So by now, I think it’s pretty obvious how much I love food markets (check out my post about Haymarket here). So I was really excited when I heard that the Boston Public Market opened up a little less than two weeks ago! I had to get down there to check it out!

Apparently the BPM had been in the works for the last 15 years however with 9/11 and the economy taking a ginormous dump, the progress was pretty much halted. The BPM is a year-round indoor market that runs Wednesday through Sundays from 8am to 8pm. It’s conveniently located in the same building as the Haymarket T stop which is a connection for the green and orange lines. For those of you who are familiar with, or read my post about the open air market I referenced above, it’s literally at the same location so you’d get a TON of variety in products on Fridays and Saturdays.

As well as being accessible by the T, you can also drive and park in the garage directly above the market. This garage  (called Parcel 7) is validated by the front desk in the market for up to 3 hours! Each hour only costs a dollar so it’s probably the best kept short term parking secret in the city. However, the entrance is near impossible to find… I can attest to that from personal experience. I read all the reviews on Yelp and thought I had obtained the address that would lead me to the entrance of the building but it turns out I parked in a different parking garage… and ended up paying $24 for an hour and a half! EEK!!! But thankfully, it’s so close to many of Boston’s attractions (Fanueil Hall, the State House, Boston Commons/Gardens, etc) so you can make a day out of it!

The Boston Public Market has permanent food vendors in the building as well as a giant kitchen that will be used to host cooking class and demonstrations with talent from America’s Test Kitchen (where I used to work!) as well as some random yoga and fitness classes in there as well to utilize that amazing space.

Walking into the market, I was so incredibly impressed. The space was well thought out and totally modern in style. Everything was so clean and organized- I loved it! All of the stands there were either representatives from local farms or small businesses. I love shopping local and try to do that as often as I can to support the local economy.

573 571

I purposely didn’t eat breakfast before I went so I could grab a donut from Union Square Donuts (some might argue that they are the BEST donuts in the city) when we got there. I ordered the Hazelnut Crunch Donut ($3) and a half dozen glazed donut holes ($2.50). HOLY WOW YUM WHAT A GREAT DECISION. We then chatted up the girl working the counter for the next couple of minutes discussing how we had been looking forward to donuts all morning and how they’re also working hand in hand with Shake Shack for their concrete of the month since my roommate Allie works there! (Stay tuned for an interview with Allie about her job at Shack Shake, coming soon!)

576 578 582

While we munched our donuts, we wanted to take a spin around the building to sight see and figure out what we wanted to buy and from where. In addition to just food stands, there were also two stands that focuses on handmade plate and utensil wear! I wanted to buy it all but I haven’t hit the lottery yet, unfortunately. We were also really admiring a stand selling fresh cut flowers! So pretty!

572 580I also noticed that the market had a couple community tables where you can sit and eat or chat with some of the workers/other market-goers. It really brought a sense of community to the establishment. However, I think my favorite idea was a wall that was entirely dedicated to a “Cookbook Exchange”. Similar to the idea of Leave a Penny, Take a Penny, you could bring old cookbooks with different notes or ideas written in it, and exchange it for another cookbook. I love love LOVE this idea. There’s nothing more inspiring to me than fostering a community around the love of food.

579 567While not every single stand is completely up and running just yet since it only opened two weeks ago, it’s probably running at about 80% capacity right now. While looking at a couple fresh produce stands, we learned that one of the farms harvest the food only a day or two in advance before it comes to the market and is packed every day at 3am to be driven a hour to the market! Talk about fresh! Another stand was from Vermont and also brought local cheeses, eggs and dairy to sell. You could even watch fresh cider donuts being made! DROOL.

My favorite part of the day had to be when we visited a cheese stand and tasted four different products while discussing their qualities with a cheese monger. Free samples galore! I bought a quarter pound of cheese called Moses Sleeper which was basically a super flavorful brie. We also tried another cheese called Winnemere that tasted smoky with hints of bacon. There was one particular cheese I didn’t enjoy that tasted like mushrooms and smoke but I really am not a fan of mushrooms so that’ll explain it.

569 575 581 566I left the Market with a boule of sourdough bread, a quarter pound of Moses Sleeper cheese, a whole bunch of pamphlets and recipes, and a stomach full of donuts. BEST. MORNING. EVER. Afterwards, Allie and I went to go sit in the park for about an hour to eat our bread and cheese and soak up the sun! Such a perfect day. I would HIGHLY recommend making a trip to go see the Boston Public Market! It’s only going to get better and better over the next couple weeks as more stands open! Who knows, maybe I’ll be there too!

Hope you enjoyed Food for Thought Thursday! Check back on Tuesday for another infamous OkCupid/dating life update! Why do I always get the weird messages!?

What’s your favorite part about food markets? Share your experience with me! Enjoy your weekend!

I H8 Flying

In the past couple months I’ve travelled to a few places by plane. Each time I go to the airport, I’m excited about the adventure ahead of me whether it’s surprising my parents on a trip back to Pennsylvania, or finally going on a vacation with my roommates to Myrtle Beach. However, there is SO MUCH I hate about flying and getting through the airport just to get to my dream destination.
1. The preparation- Are you leaving your house/apartment alone? Because the house is empty, all those dumb chores you hate to do have to be done so you’re apartment doesn’t reek of old, dirty, hot trash when you return. Your dishes shouldn’t be left in the sink to grow another roommate from all the old food left on them. You have to throw out any of your old food because it’s probably going to be another color and texture when you return. You practically have to set aside 2 hours to get all of that necessary but totally annoying shit done.

2. Packing– What airline are you taking down? Which one are you taking back? Can you get away with just a carry-on? What qualifies as a “personal item”? 50lbs or less?? Is that possible?! And you can’t have anything over 3 ounces! God forbid if you don’t put it in a separate baggie in case it explodes all over your stuff.

3. Checking in– I don’t even mind waiting in line because I was told to get there a bajillion years before my flight but it’s the nervousness that ensues when you reach the check in counter. Is my bag under 50lbs? What happened if my ID got flagged and I was put on the no-fly list? You can’t even say no when they up-charge you too because they make you feel like a dumb dumb for not doing your “research” ahead of time about what you are and are not allowed.

4. Security- I usually try to only travel with a carry-on if I can help it. But that means no excessive liquids and my laptop better be at the top of my suitcase ready to take out in 30 seconds flat. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has time to wait for you to fumble getting out your ID and boarding pass. They don’t have time for you to try and put your stuff all in one bin. They don’t have time for you to forget that you’re wearing a belt with the tiniest bit of metal or the fact that you’re wearing an underwire bra and they certainly don’t have time waiting for you to put your shoes back on after leaving security. WHAT MADE SECURITY PEOPLE SO GRUMPY!? Se-kurity! Se-kurity! We have a complicated order.

5. Finding your gate- This is the part of flying that I actually really like. Since I arrived about 14 hours early to my flight even though it only took ½ hour to get through security, I now have time to walk around and see what’s what. I have time to find the bathroom, and re-fill my empty water bottle at a fountain. I get to scope out what to buy for a meal or even go into a couple shops and browse through their magazines and pick out some gum. And once you’re all settled, you can find a nice spot in your gate and hunker down. Usually you can plug into their wifi for a hour for free and relax. Maybe read a nice book and make eyes with the cute boys sitting across the gate from you.

6. Boarding the plane- The second your plane evens mentions about boarding the plane, it’s every man for themselves. Despite everyone’s ticket having a number in which they board the plane, everyone and their mom stands up to try and get the best spot in line to board the plane. Why do you want to board that death trap so soon!? Why do you want to be sitting 3 inches away from someone else, squished like sardines with no leg room and breathing recycled air for longer than you have to? Why do that to yourself?! I’ll gladly board the plane last, thank you.

7. Pre-take off– Oh god, I hate having to listen to the safety measures of the plane. Yeah yeah, keep your seatbelt on. Look out for the emergency exits. Your seat cushion floats. Make sure to be selfish and put your air mask on before helping someone else when your plane decides to tank. As a huge fan of LOST, I know exactly how to fight the polar bears on the tropical island we will likely crash on. I’ve got it down pat by now. I typically browse the in-flight magazine while I wait so I can make fun of all the useless crap they’re trying to sell with the most ridiculous pictures accommodating the sale. ….Is this really terrible advice? Don’t listen to me! I’m a bad influence!

8. Take off- taxi-ing around is the worst form of anticipation. And then when you’re finally ready for take-off, everyone grows quiet and breathes deep together knowing what’s about to happen. I furiously chew my gum and close my eyes because I know that as we rise off the ground, the change in air pressure makes me feel awful and nauseous and my ears won’t stop popping. UGH- I hate it.

9. During the flight– This is the plateau part of my in-flight experience. Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to music and wait to get my free drink and crackers. ALTHOUGH NOW SOMETIMES CRACKERS AREN’T FREE EITHER? WHATS UP WITH THAT!? Occasionally, this is where you talk to the passengers next to you and learn their stories. Mostly I just try to find a way to pass the time quickly so I can get off the freakin’ plane.

10. Landing– This is dependent on the weather. I’ve been on a couple smooth flights where I feel like nothing is happening and BOOM I’m on the ground. Other times, we hit turbulence all the way down and I feel like I’m the fish from Finding Nemo that Darla shakes around until it dies. HALLLLP.

11. Dis-embarking the plane– The SECOND the seatbelt line goes off, everyone stands up and tries to get off the plane. You dummies, you can’t get off the plane until 1) they open the doors and 2) until your aisle gets off. There’s no cutting anyone on planes. Don’t be a dick. I don’t understand why they stand with 2 inches of space between their head and the overhead compartments for 20 minutes until it’s their turn to get off. Doesn’t your neck hurt? They were so eager to board the plane but now they can’t wait to get off? Such weirdos. Just make sure to thank the crew on your way off the plane! They kept you from dying and being dehydrated and you owe them at least a thank you!

12. Picking up luggage- Once you finally find your luggage carousel (which can be a task in and of itself), you probably have to wait 20 minutes for it to start spinning. And if you were to think about it, you could take anyone’s luggage you want. No one is there monitoring or checking ID’s when you grab a bag. But again- don’t be a dick and hopefully no one else will be too. I’ve always wanted to sit on one of those carousels… would I get yelled at by security? OOPS.

After this- you’re home free!! Maybe a loved one is there to pick you up or maybe you’re taking a taxi home. But here’s my last piece of airport advice- stick around to see at least ONE airport reunion. They’re hardly ever sad reunion; people are ALWAYS happy to be reunited and it truly is always a genuine reaction. That’s often what restores my faith in humanity after a horrible day of travel.
Does anyone actually LIKE flying? Or does everyone hate it as much as I do? Share your horror stories!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check back on Food for Thought Thursday where I review the ice cream maker attachment made by Kitchen Aid accompanied with a recipe or two! Hasta la pasta!

Providence Guide 4 of 4: Prov Bar Scene!

Providence is definitely a place I call home. I spent four years living in Prov/going to school there so once I turned 21, I couldn’t wait to check out their bar scene. From mixology bars to music venues and clubs, Providence has it all. So check it out!

Wickenden Street Area:

Whisky Republic– This is a total college bro bar. A lot of people like it when they’re in college or very newly post grad because it’s full of drunken people and dancing. It’s also got a cool location right near the restaurant Al Forno’s and Hot Club!

The Hot Club– This place sits right on the harbor and overlooks the water on their outside bar. They also do industry nights for anyone who works in food service and puts their drinks at a discount!

Piano Bar– So. Much. Fun. This place has a cover most nights which makes it a little on the pricy side but it’s awesome for a friend’s birthday! Follow them on Facebook too, and you can get a free shot of the night! They’ll play anything you want if you tip them and you can also pay to have a message written on the board aka throw your friends number up to “have a good time”. Occasionally throughout the night, they also have a wheel to spin which makes you feel like you’re on Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right. But it might land on “give a lapdance to a stranger” or “Win $20!”. I’ve tended to find that the crowd there is on the older side but it’s still a blast regardless.

Federal Hill Area

Ogie’s Trailer Park– This just opened a couples months ago! Totally kitchsy and themed, I can’t wait to try it out again over the summer. They have a huge patio out back with firepits and cutouts of trailers to simulate a 50’s trailer park. Their menu is really simple but you gotta try their tater tots! You can’t go wrong!

The Avery– This place is one of the most hipster bars you’ll ever encounter. A little dark and a little speakeasy-esque, it’s got a real secretive kind of feel which is cool. Also, it’s right across the street from a North (a super great restaurant!) so put yourself on the waiting list there and grab a craft cocktail at The Avery!


The Eddy– Hands down, my all-time favorite craft cocktail/mixology bar. This place is so great despite it being super small. The bartenders are really knowledgeable so if you’re adventurous, try the bartender’s choice! You might get a drink that used egg as an emulsifier but trust them, it’s bound to be delicious! Or you can try their house punch for a cheaper drink!

G Pub/Providence G Rooftop– I have mixed feelings about this place. G Pub is underground and hidden which makes it pretty cool with the exception that when it gets full, you can’t hear shit down there. They do have a couple private rooms where they do parties or karaoke, so overall it’s pretty popular! G Pub is in the basement of an apartment complex but they also have a rooftop bar! It shows a beautiful view of the city and has tons of lounge chairs and couches however it’s on the pricy side. I almost felt too young for the crowd there but it was still a cool experience.

Congress– Across the street from G Pub, Congress is super low key and a definite spot for people in the industry to hang. It’s got good vibes with good people! Definitely a place I’d check out right in the middle of Provi.

Trinity Rep– This place has a great craft beer selection. It’s also two levels with billards in the basement. Food is decent too, so it makes a great place for a casual dinner!

Aruba Steve’s– Oh Lordy, this place. Across the street from the JWU downtown campus, this place is always crazy on the weekends but especially on Tuesdays. They do karaoke there every week and it’s so popular! The same old crazy man comes week after week to sing “New York New York” and he’s hilarious. Aruba’s also is known for their fishbowls! You can get individual fishbowls for about $14 and it probably equals 2 ½- 3 drinks worth of booze. Don’t order anything off of the menu though! I don’t trust their kitchen!

The Dorrance– OOOH YOU FANCY HUH. Never technically went to this place yet, however I’ve walked by it a thousand times. You always see bridal showers or just people dressed in suits there. Maybe I’ll go one day and pretend to be a real life adult who has their ish together.

Thayer Street

Shark– This is a super trendy place up on Thayer Street which is right near Brown. They used to do hookah there but I’m not positive that they have the permits to do so anymore thanks to state ordinances. But they also do GIANT fishbowls but those are definitely to share!

The English Cellar– I’ve known the cellar to be packed wall to wall with all the “of age” college kids from RISD, Brown, JWU, etc. They also have pool tables and such in the back, but overall I’d consider this place to be semi-hipster. It’s definitely one of the bars that we considered one of our watering holes.

Tortilla Flats– Now this place brings back SO many memories. This was what I would’ve considered our real watering hole. We’d always snag a corner table, order pitchers of margaritas and get tons of nachos to share. I also went on a first date here once and sat around the bar which was also great because you can watch the tvs or people watch if it’s really dull! Their margs are really strong- so take that as a good or bad thing depending on your style!

I hope you enjoyed my incomplete list of bars around Providence that I frequented back in my college days! Providence will forever hold my heart so it’s great that it’s just a short drive from Boston! While you’re there, maybe you can hit up Allie’s Donuts like I had previously suggested! Have a great weekend and check back on Tuesday for another (non-Providence) blog about my post grad life!

Providence Guide 3 of 4: Downtown and WIckenden Street!

Despite being so small, Rhode Island has a lot to offer- especially in Providence. In addition to my last couple posts (click here and HERE!) there are two other areas that make up the rest of the city: Downtown and Wickenden Street.

Wickenden Street has a really low key and cool vibe. It’s a bit on the smaller side so there isn’t a ton to do if there isn’t an event going on nearby. You can grab coffee at Coffee Exchange and then take a walk up the street to visit some of the kitchsy consignment and junk shops. If you’re into thrifting or antiquing, you can find some pretty interesting stuff here! Or if you’re into old time erotica (I don’t know your life…), there’s a shop along this street too!


Two of my favorite restaurants on Wickenden Street is Brickway on Wickenden and the Duck and Bunny which I highlighted in my post last week! After grabbing your coffee or mini cupcakes from the Duck and Bunny, head over to India Point Park for a beautiful view of the Narragansett Bay as it looks towards the town of Cranston. Every year, the 4th of July fireworks are held there with a bunch of lively festivities (aka drunkards being drunk) and music! I’ve also been to an event called Providence HONK! where crazy brass bands marched in a parade and then held activities in the park. So much fun!

387 397 398Downtown is obviously where the most hustle and bustle is. There is ALWAYS some type of event happening downtown on the weekends! Right in the city center (and right next to the JWU campus!) is the Providence Performing Arts Center or PPAC as we fondly call it. They host concerts, off Broadway plays and musicals, and even speeches with people like Alton Brown! Parking always gets a bit crazy on those nights so bring your money for a spot in a lot although meters are free after 6pm if you can find one!

There is, of course, a myriad of restaurants and bars (which I’ll be reviewing on Thursday so stay tuned) but one of the most special summer events is called WaterFire. It’s completely volunteer run and was imagined by a local college kid as a way to create revenue over the summer months. Providence is basically a college town so the summer is slower comparatively. When it’s a WaterFire weekend however, all the hotels book up and thousands of people come for the tourist event! Food trucks and vendors line up, all the restaurants have hundreds of reservations and outdoor entertainment is abundant.

390Basically they use the water canal that runs through Providence and light fire pits in the middle of the canal. People can then buy boat or gondola rides and experience the ambiance together. It’s super romantical so I’m waiting for the day when OKCupid or life actually pulls through and I can take a date there!

391 393Downtown Providence also has Westminster Street which is lined with strings of lights. Over the summer, TAZA (on the corner of Westminster) hosts movies on the block each week where you can bring a blanket and watch a movie projected on the side of a building. A local radio station also hosts free summer concert series at the ampitheater by WaterFire where a bunch of up and coming artists play.

During the winter months, there’s an ice skating rink near Kennedy Plaza (the bus station) that also turns into a skate park over the summer. They host events there occasionally- a tree lighting ceremony in the winter for example! Cake Boss even came once to hand out free cakes as a promotion for their tour! A short walk from Kennedy Plaza is the Providence Place Mall filled with a ton of stores as well as a movie theater and Dave and Busters.

394 395Providence always has something to do whether its a Cinco de Mayo block party, a RISD art gallery showing or even a historic walking ghost tour in the fall! Providence is one of my favorite cities in the United States and it’ll forever be my home away from home. It’s even super close to Newport- you can watch sailing competitions, take tours of the mansions or even take part in the Cliff Walk. There’s something for everyone!

Check back on Thursday for my last post about Providence highlighting its bar scene! Drinkdrankdruuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk!

Providence Guide 2 of 4: Restaurant Scene!

Being that I went to school for baking and pastry, I thought it was extremely important that I was surrounded with really excellent food and drink. While I was living there, Providence was named #1 in the country for food destinations! Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it’s teeeeny tiiiiiny and there’s more restaurants than any other area per capita, or perhaps it has to do with the fact that it’s surrounded by people who are passionate about the craft whether it’s production or consumption!

That being said, here is my compiled list of recommended restaurants while visiting the city!


Luxe– AW YEAH GOOD BURGERS YEAH! This place is SO excellent. Whether you’re going to have a beer and watch a game at the bar, play trivia or just have dinner, the food is super quality. They have a BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) menu where you just check off the type of meat, burger buns, toppings, sides, dressings, etc and then the waiter reads it back to you. An average burger with a side is only about $9! Then for dessert, I recommend getting the Smores hard shake. They use Godiva liquor and it’s suuuuper good.

Haven Bros– One of the oldest stationary food trucks in Rhode Island! Best place to get drunken mozzarella sticks after a night out! (Or at least I thought they were at the time…)

Birch– One of the most gastronomically inclined restaurants in Providence. You can order a la carte but my recommendation is to bite the 70 or 80 bucks a person and get 4 courses. The food is SO good and full of flavor. Even if you think you won’t like something, you will. Still one of the best meals I’ve had to date!


Wickenden Street Area

Al Fornos– Talk about typical Italian food! It’s really well prepared there and everything comes in decent portions. There are two levels for seating inside, but when the weather is nice you have to sit outside! It’s right along the water too so the views are beautiful. Al Forno’s is also known for their wood fired pizzas making it a must have appetizer to share!

OV’s – Is trashy hangover breakfast your style? This place is the PERFECT hangover food. The omelettes are great and come with a side of hashbrowns for super cheap.

Seaplane Diner– Seaplane is the other choice when OV’s is too busy. This place is a little nicer and dare I say it, cleaner? But I think I’d still recommend OV’s over Seaplane any day.

Olga’s Cup and Saucer– This place is actually run by a chef that teaches at JWU. It’s the perfect place to bring your mom for brunch! Really cutesy and sweet; for example some of the seating inside looks like patio furniture and on warm days they keep the windows open that look into the garden. There’s a pretty big focus on bread there too!

Brickway on Wickenden– Oh wait, you want another great brunch place? This restaurant is FULL of character. The walls are painted like crazy and it gives you plenty to look at and talk about. Pancakes are excellent here and if you want to walk around afterwards, you can hit up India Point Park or a bunch of coffee shops to walk off your food baby!
Duck and Bunny– It’s claim to fame is calling it a “snuggery”. This used to be a house that was then converted into a restaurant. You can choose to sit in any room of the house, each room with different character, or even sit in the backyard garden on warm days! They’re known for their crepes, truffle fries and teeny tiny cupcakes! Worth it for the experience!
West Side/Federal Hill

North– Asian American fusion restaurant with a serious twist on textural and flavor manipulation! They use a ton of fresh ingredients and go to a local farm each week to stock up. All of their plates are handmade too which the foodie geek in me thinks is pretty cool. Menu can change whenever based on what they have in house and they often have guest cooks too! This place is really small though so you might have to put in your reservation and walk across the street to grab a drink at The Avery!

Kitchen– With seating for less than 20 people, this brunch place is a must. They have an open kitchen and really cutesy seating for only up to 4 people. The croissant French toast is TO DIE FOR.

Harry’s Burger Bar– This place comes second to Luxe Burger Bar to me, but is also a great burger place! Their burgers come as sliders and are pretty cheap- YUM!

Julians– Sooo I’ve never been here unfortunately BUT I’ve heard that this place is AMAZING. A friend of mine is actually their pastry chef! When I visit, I’m adding this to my list!

Nicks on Broadway– Nick’s has an open kitchen and is packed for brunch week after week. I love being able to watch my food being made for me so A+ on atmosphere! I don’t even know what it was, but their pancakes are like no other! They’re thin and sugary and so so good. Doesn’t even need maple syrup!

Mediterraneo– Classic Italian! Well-made and flavorful pasta dishes and you’ll get enough food for two days. It’s a bit on the pricier side but a good choice for a graduation dinner or some type of celebration!

Thayer Street

Shanghai– So I’m not a sushi eater, but this was the place where I tried sushi for the first time. Everything is really fresh and clean and my friends think their Chinese food is killer! If you sit in the restaurant, grab a seat by the window because it directly overlooks Thayer Street and is great for people watching!


Nice Slice– This place is pretty hipster as far as pizza goes. Super good pizza and they also offer a lot of options for vegan/vegetarian/dietary restrictions!


Antonios– Only reason I’m mentioning Antonios is because they do Dollar Slice Night on Thursdays! Best drunken pizza ever. I may or may not have instagramed about said pizza before… I LOVE PIZZA OKAY GUYS

Thanks for reading and I hope this might help finding good eats on a visit to Providence! Check back next week for another great area to visit and again on Thursday for my Providence bar suggestions!

Guide to Providence: Part 1 of 4!

I went to school and lived in Providence for the last 4 years and already miss it so much despite really enjoying myself in Boston! Providence is truly an amazing city; it’s full of culture, art, and diversity. There are a couple must-hit spots on trip to Providence, especially if you’ve never been there! It’s such a walk-able city- you can easily get from place to place within 15 minutes without public transportation. If you ask any local, Providence can be split into a couple different sections: Thayer Street, Federal Hill, Downtown and Wickenden Street. Over the next two weeks of posts, I plan to break down the city little by little to recommend LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME of Providence!
Thayer Street is a 3 minute walking distance from Brown University. Slated at the top of a GIANT hill, it offers a cool mix of college hipster and young adult. Without a doubt, Thayer Street is about 80% restaurants and 20% alternative businesses. Thayer is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon or even a wintry evening hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop.

Amongst the restaurants are burger joints like Johnny Rockets and BBC, Froyo World, sushi restaurants and classic bar foods. One of my favorite places to go is a teeny tiny creperie called La Creperie! There’s barely any room for people to sit, but it has some of the best crepes I’ve ever had. You can get anything from plain sugar (powdered or granulated) to fluffernutter crepes or even savory crepes! SO delish.

After eating a crepe the size of your face, you can walk down the rest of Thayer Street to window shop. There are plenty of interesting places to explore: used book and record stores, random consignment shops, Army surplus store, Berks for super cute shoes, the list goes on! I always like to take a spin around Pie in the Sky, Second Time Around, and Spectrum India for any kinds of knick knacks you never knew you needed- like henna paint for example!
There’s even a dated movie theater, The Avon Cinema, that plays a lot of indie films. I went to see Moonrise Kingdom there a couple years ago! While it’s not the most inexpensive theater, it’s got a lot of charm and that old-timey feel to make up for it in experience. Of course, no trip to Thayer is complete without pretending like you’re a student at Brown by lounging on their campus or running around trying to meet Emma Watson or James Franco (both used to go to Brown!).

378While spending your time on top of this huge hill, you’d be wasting one of the best ways to see Providence. Head to Prospect Park at dusk where you can watch the sun fall over the whole city. This has got to be my favorite spot in all of Providence!

375 376Federal Hill is another area that can be fun to check out! This area is 100% run by the Italian (aka the mob in this case) and is nothing short of a cultural experience. Tons of restaurants line the streets waiting for their customers to come. DePasquale Square is surrounded by a bunch of cool restaurants and hotels but what I most like is the open market called Venda Ravioli. I once got my bartending certification from the Bartending School of Rhode Island right near there and would frequent the market for something quick and delicious!
On Thursday, I’m going to explore the restaurant scene and give you my top recommendations! Then check back again on Tuesday for more Providence destinations! Until next time!