Restaurant Review: Sarma

To round out my sister weekend, I wanted to cross another restaurant off the bucket list! We chose to go to Sarma located in Somerville at 249 Pearl Street! We chose to drive as the restaurant is in a semi-secluded location. There’s plenty of street parking available but for real, this restaurant is worth the extra effort!


Sarma is affiliated with the restaurants Oleana, Sofra and the vendor Sienna Farms. I’ve been to Sofra before and am a biiiiig fan. Check out my review by clicking here! And I’ve also visited the Sienna Farms storefront and am impressed with their product quality and knowledge. Sarma was not a disappointment in any way shape or form!

Sarma had such a cool vibe. Very laid back and hipster with their tastefully worn down furniture, urban hanging light fixtures and textured plates lining the walls. There was a bar and high tops as well as the regular tabled seating to choose from. We made reservations a few days in advance and unless I wanted to chance a seat at the bar, I would call in advance again.


We had a great waiter who explained their menu- there’s a bunch of categories ranging in snacks, to share plates to “entrees”. He told us that based on their size, 2 people could be very happy sharing 4 to 6 plates. And of course being the gluttons we are, we ordered 6 plates, one from each category.


The menu was super helpful and provide a glossary on the side in case you weren’t familiar with a lot of middle eastern cooking terms (which of course, I wasn’t). We got this awesome flatbread with spices and olive oil for dipping to start. Our first official course was from the meyhane snack category:

Parsnip Fritters- cilantro, walnut, sesame, pepitas


This dish was so beautiful, that I instagrammed it (no filter!) the second it came out! While beautifully presented, I thought this dish could’ve been a little more flavorful. I was a big fan of all the crunchy bits that opposed the soft parsnip on the inside of the fritter though!

Meze: Almond Fried Cheese- ratatouille, arugala pesto, dates


I NEED this dish in my life every. single. day. I wish I didn’t have to  share with my sister. Anything that is fried and has cheese has my name written all over it. The ratatouille was super flavorful as well and perfectly paired with all of the dishes components!

Vegetables: Asparagus- avgolemono, egg katayif, black truffles, dill


I’ve become a big fan of asparagus lately as well as yolky eggs. I loved the texture contrast between the phyllo dough and garlic butter sauce that the asparagus laid in. So delicious!

[avgolemono= egg and lemon, katayif= shredded phyllo]

Pancakes, Pie and Pide: Nettle Spanakopita- cucumbler sorel tzatziki, za’atar, walnuts


Nothing is more classic than spanakopita! We were getting super full at this point..

Sarma: Pomegranate Glazed Lamb- green wheat, swiss chard, parsnip


I was a big fan of the parsnip puree but the texture of the lamb was throwing me off a bit. Great flavor though and an awesome share dish!

Shish: marrow bean plaki, whipped feta butter, pita crumb


This last dish was so tender and amazing! I love love loved the pita chip crunch and really savored the meats flavor.

Overall, we left super stuffed and happy! I felt like this food was very genuine and made with love. Sarma proved to be an awesome place to explore a new cuisine all the while making it accessible and affordable to the audience. This place is definitely high on my recommendation sheet!

Next Food for Thought Thursday, I’ll be sharing some of my work from the Taj Hotel from the last couple months! Thanks for reading and have an excellent weekend! I plan on celebrating with my friends this Friday for my Birthday de Mayo! Party complete with pinatas and fake mustaches! Bon weekend!


Restaurant Review: Kirkland Tap & Trotter

Boston has WAY too many restaurants. I feel like no matter how many places I try, my list doesn’t get any shorter. Perhaps this is because I keep adding new places to my list… ugh my poor wallet! This place was a particular brunch treat because I was able to share it with my boyfriend Nick and eat some  pretty fantastic food.

Kirkland Tap & Trotter is located on 425 Washington Street in Somerville, Massachusetts. It’s a 15 minute walk from the Harvard T stop on the Red Line. Tony Maws is the chef and entrepreneur of Kirkland along with another acclaimed restaurant Craigie on Main. Kirkland Tap & Trotter  used to be The Kirkland Cafe under different ownership and really embodied connecting with the community and being the best dive bar around town. Kirkland Tap & Trotter maintains some of that dive bar/neighborhood charm with innovative menu items.



I won’t lie, but this brunch was on the pricier side but I can promise worth every penny. Nick and I started with their housemade donut with apple cider glaze. Service was very attentive and they were great at upselling their products hence us buying into a “brunch appetizer”. Not that donuts are ever a hard sell for us… Overall, perfectly sweet donut and fluffy. Perfect sharing size pre-brunch entree.


I ordered the mushroom and reggiano frittata served with a winter vegetable salad and housemade foccacia. Despite being an avid olive hater, the salad and frittata were a great balance for each other. I especially loved the reggiano crusted on top of the frittata! I want more right now just thinking about it!


Nick ordered the Crispy Fried Bone-In Pork Chop and it was the best decision of his life. It was served with a fried egg, parsnip puree and foccacia bread. I coudn’t not try a bite with Nick proclaiming how amazing it was. The pork chop was so tender and rich and was enhanced by the fried egg. The foccacia would be great to sop up whatever was left on the plate too! Ugh, I’m still dreaming about that bite.


Kirkland Tap & Trotter is fun for drinks at night as well as they have a fairly creative drink menu. Perfect for casual drinks where you can sit at a table and actually converse with friends. I would definitely recommend KTT to friends!

Thanks for reading and of course, I would always love more restaurant suggestions! Enjoy your weekends!

Restaurant Review- Posto!

I recently went out to dinner with my co-workers to a place in Davis Square called Posto!  Flour is pretty cool to their employees and each team gets an allotment of money to put towards something that improves team morale and whatnot. So we all voted to go out to dinner and Posto was the restaurant that won!

Posto is at 187 Elm Street in Somerville, within just a few minutes walking distance from the Davis Square T stop on the Red line. It’s known for their wood burning ovens and famous pizzas and homemade pastas. The menu was super italian and also offered a couple vegetarian options which appealed to one of my co-workers. We were all set!

The menu was split into five sections: anitpasti, insalate, pasta, carne e pesce, and pizze. While I was tempted to try a pizza, I was in the mood for some pasta. But first, I had to order a drink! I’m not much of a wine or beer fanatic unfortunately, but Posto had a huge backbar and plenty of fancy italian wines to choose from. Most of my co-workers got a glass of wine but I stuck with what I was comfortable with- a madras (orange and cranberry juice with vodka).

For my first course, I ordered their winter salad which had scarlet butter greens, pommegranate seeds, goat cheese and a pommegranate vinagrette. It was a perfectly light salad which incorporated very wintery flavors! Yum! A couple of my other co-workers ordered the Arancini which is basically a fried rice ball with cheese in the center. It came with a spicy marinara sauce, oregano and lemon juice. I was almost sad I didn’t order that, but the salad was a perfect opener to the pasta I ordered which I knew would be a heavier course.


For my next course, I ordered the tortellini stuffed with jonah crab on top of a butternut squash puree and a parmesan crema. Oh man, was this good. Crab and butternut squash are naturally sweet ingredients as far as savory foods good which was awesome with the housemade tortellini and parmesan crema. It also came with diced squash pieces and crispy kale bits on top which really helped add another layer of texture to the plate. It was a good portion for one person, as were all the dishes. We all ended up finishing everything on our plates from both courses. I ended up opting out of dessert but once everyone was finished, I think we were sitting comfortably but not stuffed to the brim.

Overall, this place was pretty cool. They embraced their open kitchen and allowed guests to watch them make pizzas that went directly in their wood burning oven which is an added entertainment value to the guests. Service was friendly too which always helps! Sorry about the lighting in all of my pictures; the ambiance was pretty dim and candlelit. Which I guess can be all romantical if you’re on a date (whats that like though?) but I’ve never been a fan of when the lighting is too low. How do you see the person sitting across from you? All in all, I had a great night out with my co-workers and it was cool to try and new restaurant I didn’t know about but was also slightly out of my price range as a poor post grad!
225Also in Davis Square that I’ve been told to try out is The Painted Burro and Rosebud Cafe. The Painted Burro is known for their lively Mexican food and Rosebud Cafe has a decent dessert menu if you really dig pie! I’m definitely going to add them to my list of restaurants to try in the future!

Until next week, friends!