My newest obsession: ZUMBA. I’m a member at the YMCA near my house where they offer free classes daily from zumba to yoga to water aerobics for the old ladies. This past year, I’ve made my peace with going to the gym. You used to have to drag me by my teeth to go and then my attempt at running or lifting weights would be entirely half assed and pathetic. But I spent time investing in my health, especially with the oodles and oodles of pastries that surround me day in and day out.

It wasn’t until recently that I started to take advantage of the classes included in my membership. I had taken one or two classes before in the morning where it was exclusively taught to old ladies and I was the youngest one in there by at least 50 years. My roommate and I even had one lady tell us we were show-offs… as a joke… I think. OOPS.

Since I’m working a new schedule at the Taj, I have a lot more time and flexibility to try out new instructors. I have a dance “background”, if you want to call it that. I danced recreationally for 14 years growing up and have always missed a little piece of me ever since I went to college forcing me to give it up. I think I got my groove back in Zumba! Apologies… bad pun, I know.

HOWEVER. I have a few recurring pet peeves class to class to share…


639I mean seriously. Stop putting your hair in a perfectly manicured high pony tail. It swings around too much and your perfect posture and bouncy attitude makes me want to hip check you next time we’re standing by each other.


Trust me, I have lots of fun at Zumba. Especially if I mess up a step, I’m laughing my ass off and smiling between wheezing for breath. I can’t stand when instructors go, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in the middle of a dance and then put their hand up to their ear making us do it back. I CAN’T BREATHE LET ALONE WOO. And those who WOO… we know what you really mean…


637Listen dude, step away from me. Or at the very least have some awareness of the space around you if the class is crowded. I can’t keep dodging punches every time you swing your arms around. There’s a mirror RIGHT in front of your face- USE IT.


Don’t jump down my throat for this just yet, cause I’m the last one to pretend that I don’t have a little extra junk in the trunk. My point isn’t about weight or physical characteristics but rather the clothes used to COVER your butt. Yoga pants/work out shorts are completely acceptable UNTIL they start wiggling up your butt crack one cheek at a time leaving nothing but inches between your butt and my discomfort. ITS LIKE THE BUTT IS JUST STARING AT ME.


Listen, I don’t care how many classes you’ve been to or how many dances you have memorized, don’t you dare correct the teachers during the class. And stop taking all the front spots! You probably stare at yourself 24/7 so I think you can take your vain, self-absorbed jiggly ass to the back of the class and let other people use the mirror to LEARN the work outs!



638This can literally mean anything. I commend you if you’re just doing it for fun. That’s the whole point. But if you’re grinding it around acting like hot shit and the rhythm is lacking… JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

636All in all, I’m really loving these classes and even joke that I’m going to quit my day job and become a certified Zumba instructor so IĀ  have an excuse to buy all the cool clothes and shoes. Sounds good, right? I’m obsessed with Justin Beiber’s song ‘Where Are You Now’ and ‘Back It Up’ by Prince Royce, all thanks to my classes. I’m leaving them below for your listening pleasure!

Does anyone else do Zumba and is obsessed as me? LETS TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE SONGS AND SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!

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Check back on Thursday for a new post reviewing a new-ish Cambridge food truck turned restaurant- Naco Taco!

Boston Bar Scene

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this post right now given that I’m extraordinarily hungover. Yep, I threw up twice last night. UuuUuUUuUuuuUUuugggggghHHHhhh. I’m surviving though; champing my way through this hangover! It’s not even my fault; I met this group of people at the bar and they just kept buying shots of all these different types of things and who am I to say no? Right? *Crying deep inside for all the bad decisions I made last night*

But I’ve lived in Boston for almost a year now and I’ve frequented a myriad of bars that are definitely cool places to check out. And of course, my list of places I want to try is always growing but I figured I’d share what I know based on area!


Lulu’s– awesome place for apps and a drink! Get the pretzel bites with cheese cause DAYUUM. They have a pretty decent selection of craft beers too if you’re into that!

Sunset Cantina– Biggest beer selection I’ve ever seen. I was so overwhelmed by the menu and the options but it’s got a pretty cool vibe! You can grab a table or sit at the bar to drink in a pretty casual atmosphere.

White Horse– This is the place that made me a complete wasteoid. They have some billards and pinball games and then a section of the bar turns dance-y later in the night!

Common Ground– I haven’t been here yet, but my roommates always talk about how fun it is! They host Millenial nights and 90’s throwback nights so the music selection is pretty clutch! I need to go sometime soon!

Tavern in the Square (TITS)– TITS is a chain bar in Boston and can be found in a couple different areas. This one in Allston is pretty huge but you get a cool mix of college kids and young post-grads who wish they were still in college (ME) who just wanna drink and dance. It’s pretty casual living in Boston now to hear someone say, “Hey, lets go to TITS. I really can’t wait to dance at TITS”. Maybe it’s just an excuse to say TITS. Heyoooo.

Deep Ellum– Are you a hipster? Do you like craft cocktails and beers? Are you a huge fan of cheese and charcuterie plates? This place is for you. When it’s nice, there a TEENY TINY area in the back to sit on their porch. Also, get the truffle fries. You won’t regret it.

Lonestar Taco Bar– The people who own Deep Ellum (right next door) also own the taco bar. You can get tacos for 3 bucks a pop and try a whole bunch of different funky tacos. You gotta get the charred corn on the cob here too! The bar is mostly focused on tequila based drinks but if you want anything else, they can grab it from the bar next door!

Devlins– This is one of my favorite casual patio bars for the summer time. They have a huge back patio for outside drinking/nomming including a portable bar in the back. It’s a great place to go on a date! (True life, my roommate and I went on a double date there with these guys we met in the park once!)

Cityside– Second favorite patio bar! Apparently this place gets pretty crazy at night as it’s not too far from Boston College, but the roof deck is pretty sweet!

Green Briar– Classic Irish pub. Pretty good clam chowder and onion rings! But cheap drinks and sometimes they host trivia nights or have a DJ play some music at night! Overall, pretty laid back!

Cambridge (Central Square):

People’s Republik– Very communist Russia feel at this bar! They have darts and some pretty cool memorabilia to look at but overall it’s a pretty laid-back, hipster bar.

Other places I want to go are: Miracle of Science, Middle East and MiddleSex.

Rosebud Cafe-This is actually in Davis Square right near Posto! Their service is pretty great; everyone is super friendly! In the mid-price range for drinks although they’re quality cocktails but the menu is pretty good too! The brussel sprouts were amazing! Their dessert menu is all pies too so go in with an appetite! I’d recommend the turtle pie a la mode!

**Sidenote: I work in Cambridge and don’t go back there too often to go out at night but I’ve heard that there are also great places in Harvard Square,Porter Square and Davis Square as well!


Cask N Flagon: This is where I had my Quincenera! It’s definitely a bar/nightclub at night so bring your dancing shoes! Drinks can be on the more expensive side too but it was super fun!

Bleacher Bar: This place was awesome. I went here before a Red Sox game once to grab a pre-game drink and they have windows that look right onto the field. If you get there early enough, you might be able to snag a spot to watch the game for free!


Julep: Drinks here were SO expensive. And there was a cover to get in. But it had two floors with a different music selection on each level which was kinda cool. But it’s in the more expensive part of the city so be prepared to shell out. Definitely more of a nightclub than a bar.

Howl at the Moon: Boston’s piano bar! I tried to go here once but the line was WAY too long to wait in. But I eventually do want to get there to check out the live music and sing the crap out of some throwback songs!

Hopefully these suggestions could come in handy to anyone visiting Boston! Maybe I’ll even run into one of you one night! Food for Thought Thursday post coming up in a couple days! I’m going to go crawl back into my bed and nurse on some water now… Until next time!

L8tr sk8trs!