Townsman and Haru!

Short post for the day! This past week has been filled with a lot of fun activities and included two new restaurants- can’t beat that!

I’ll start with Haru. So for Christmas, the pastry staff promised to take our Chef out for sushi because he’s a total glutton for it. My co-worker chose a restaurant called Haru located minutes off of the Prudential T stop on the Green E line.

I’m really not a huge fan of sushi so I ended up just eating some calamari that was served with a sweet chili peanut sauce. The sauce was a fantastic balance of sweet with a little heat. I don’t have much to say about everyone elses dinners, but I heard nothing but good things about the quality of sushi!

The restaurant itself was really nice; it had simple but elegent decor and the staff there was very polite. Looking for a different kind of drink menu? Look no further with Haru’s ecelectic menu featuring a number of hot and flavored sakis as well as a selection of plum wine.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Townsman for the first time! A could of my friends from college were visiting the city for dinner and I met up with them at the end for a drink and catch up! I was so so happy to see my friends; it had literally been months since we all caught up!

Townsman has an special layout as a restaurant. The restaurant itself is very long. It has a couple tables in the front, followed by a long bar and a couple lounge chairs and small tables for small parties. Towards the back, you can request to be seated at the chef’s table and watch some of the line cooks in action!

Townsman is just a few minutes walk from the Chinatown T stop on the Orange Line. I’ve been really looking forward to a trip to Townsman because the Executive Chef, Matthew Jennings, owned a great restaurant in Providence (my college town) called Farmstead. While I only went for drinks, I was really impressed by their hospitality and knowledge so I cannot wait to make a return trip for dinner!

I ordered Dram #2 which had Jamaican rum, allspice and orange juice. YUM! That’s my kind of drink! Check out a couple pictures below of my time at Townsman!


I have some fun blog posts floating around  in my brain for the upcoming weeks so be sure to check it out! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Restaurant Review: Gaslight Brasserie!

A couple weeks ago, a few friends and I decided to splurge and go out to a nice dinner. We chose to go to Gaslight Brasserie in the South End. It was right on Harrison Avenue, right where the SOWA market starts on Sundays. I drove and found parking since the closest T stop is a short walk away (or from where I live, a gazillion light years away). My friends were waiting at the bar inside and on my way in, an old friend of mine was standing at the hostess station! It turns out that she’s a manager at Gaslight so it was great being able to quickly catch up with her.

413Gaslight Brasserie is a French restaurant where all of the dishes are classic with a modern spin. The decorations and ambiance were really classy so I felt like a super adult. We chose to sit outside because it was a beautiful evening and all of the servers were very attentive and friendly. While we were perusing the menu, I ordered a drink as my other friends already had one, and then we started to figure out what we wanted to order. As much of a saver I am, I think we were all ready to splurge on this dinner so we decided to get three appetizers to split as well as three entrees.


We decided to start with a cheese plate, pate de foie gras, a side of ramps and potatoes and their special! No matter what, pate ICKS ME OUT. So I let my friend eat all of it. Maybe it’s a texture thing, but I just can’t get behind it. But that cheese plate! Lemme tell you about that cheese plate. There were three different cheeses with accommodating jams and pickled vegetables. The special was a light pate a choux gnoocchi wiith ramps, egg and crispy prosciutto. HOLY YUM. The gnocchis were so light and tender and then once you broke the yolk over the dish and mixed it with the sauce, it became rich and delicious! I really hadn’t had ramps too many times before but they’re rising in popularity this year so I was happy to try them out!

419 420

417 418


When it came to ordering our entrees, our waitress knew the menu inside and out! I was torn between getting the rotisserie chicken which came with a sauce moutard violette and garlic herb frites (fancy french way of saying sauce and garlic herb fries) and the house made Tagliatelle which came with rabbit confit, beech mushrooms, pecorino and ramps. The waitress advised I go with the pasta and all along I think the mystery of the ramps was pulling me along! My friends ordered the Berkshire Pork Chop and Boeuf Bourguignon. I felt just like Julia Child. MY IDOL!

The dishes came out and we all quietly ate our first bites which is probably the best sign of a good meal. We then started to swap and switch so we could try each person’s dish. After having some of the pork and boeuf bourguignon, I wished I had ordered the chicken because both of the meats were SO well prepared. My dish was really great, don’t get me wrong, but I can only imagine how good a well prepared rotisserie chicken would be. YUM.

Once we were finished our meal, we were comfortable but not stuffed so we didn’t order any dessert. Our bill came, and my friend had given us a 30% discount! While it was still an expensive meal, it was SO nice of her to do that. Between the three of us for 3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 5 drinks, we only paid about $55 per person. I really would recommend this place for a great date night, celebratory dinner or just a plain TREAT YO SELF night!

Afterwards, we began to walk around the South End seeing what cool things we could stumble upon. It’s BEAUTIFUL in the south end; some of the building are so rich with history and when I imagine what Boston high life is, I see the South End. We stumbled upon a storefront selling products and products from Sienna Farms which is in conjunction with Sofra (bakery) and Sarma (restaurant), two other fantastic Middle Eastern establishments.

424After walking around for a bit, we checked out a bar called The Beehive which plays live jazz music every night. It was a super cool underground bar find but after walking around their bar, we weren’t ready for another drink. I’d love to go back in the future for a cocktail! We finally landed at a place called Picco. It was an adult ice cream bar where they served ice cream and alcoholic drinks. I ended up just getting caramel swirl ice cream with chocolate jimmies whereas my friends both went for the Raspberry Lambic Ice Cream Float.

426 425 415It was the perfect end to a great night with good company and food! I’d love to continue exploring the South End for some more great finds one day. Thanks for reading and check back again on Tuesday! Have a great weekend!