I’m back!!

Hey friends!

I’m finally back from my hiatus and I missed blogging and being a member of this community SO MUCH. I’m going to make this post a short re-cap because I have a lot of fun (and embarrassing and awkward) material to share with you guys in the upcoming weeks.

I’ve been working 6 day weeks since Halloween at the Taj Hotel constructing this GIANT gingerbread scene-scape of the Boston Tea Party. With a team of 6, we were each able to construct one business and at least one house to be placed along the dock  with a ton of miscellaneous details to recreate a piece of  Boston history. It took us over 300 hours to build and probably 100 lbs of gingerbread and other decorating material. But it’s done and on display in the lobby! To anyone who lives in Boston- feel free to visit! Come back on Thursday to see an extended post (with plenty of pictures included!) of our gingerbread masterpiece!


Other than spending my life at work, I’ve managed to hold onto a bit of my social life. My apartment had an epic Halloween/birthday party for my roommate filled with plenty of snacks, candy and jello shots. I was Spinelli from the kid classic cartoon, Recess. I had a lot of fun being a drunken idiot with all of my friends and managed to scrape through the night without throwing up. PERSONAL WIN.


I’ve been Zumba-ing my butt off and am considered a regular at the classes now. I was actually forced to be in the front row today, so maybe I’m finally starting to get the hang of it! I’m really loving that it keeps me moving and motivated to remain healthy especially through the holiday season where I just want to stuff cookies and donuts down my throat. Speaking of food…

I have a couple new recipes and restaurant reviews to share!! Be sure to check back on Food for Thought Thursdays to check out some of my favorite holiday/winter recipes and cool Boston hotspots!

On a more somber note, my roommates dad passed away recently and we made a trip down to New Jersey for the funeral and wakes. This was really tough on our apartment but managed to bring us closer to one another. It definitely reminded me to tell those close  that I love them and not to take any of my relationships for granted. Be sure to tell your friends and family you love them! Go do it!

But as much as life is fleeting, new life is brought into the world every day. One of my best friends from college had a baby October 16th! I’ve visited Logan Joseph twice and am more and more in love with the little nugget. Isn’t he the cutest squirmy little baby!?

Also coming up in the next few weeks, I have plenty of awkward and embarrassing stories to share… especially when it comes to my dating life. EEK, spoiler alert- it may include another run in with Chris from the infamous post Tinder Meets Real Life! AHHH MY LIFE IS WEIRD!

Happy Holidays, friends! I’m so happy to be back and share my life with you! Don’t miss out on the action every Tuesday and Thursday!

Restaurant Review: Deuxave!

There is just SO much I love about being in this industry, but I think what I love the most is the community. I’ve been finding that the world in general is a small place, but the culinary/food service world is even smaller.

When I started working at the Taj, we all I know I experienced the “its a small world” feeling with my awkward tinder moment (you can catch up by clicking here!)… But I also have connections with each of my co-workers! One of them used to work with my old Flour co-worker and the rest went to Johnson & Wales where our worlds somehow crossed from time to time.

I ended up going to Deuxave with two of my Taj co-workers to try the dessert menu by pastry chef Jamie Davis Schick (check out her instagram here!) before she moved on to the next step in her career. My friend April used to work for Jamie at No. 9 Park so we were treated as extra special guests at an extra fancy restaurant!

692Deuxave is located at 371 Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay area. It’s easily accessible by the T; its just a few minutes walk from the Hynes Convention Center on the green line. They also do valet parking for a pricy $18 or if you’re the luckiest person on the planet, you might find a free metered spot along Massachusetts Avenue. Deuxave is open for dinner 5 to 10pm on the weekdays and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

This restaurant is beautiful and definitely high end. Save your pretty pennies and dress up for a fancy night out! April and I waited at the bar for our friend Sarah and chatted with Jamie for a few minutes! I was definitely excited to try her menu and it was also really great to get to know her a little bit.

700After being seated, we were sent 3 glasses of champagne! We took a couple silly pictures, toasted and then reminded ourselves that we needed to behave in such a nice place. We perused the menu and picked one dessert for each of us to order with the intention to share.

694 699


Also unexpectedly, we were sent an intermezzo. I’ts basically a pre-course to set the precedence for the rest of the meal. We were sent a fennel celery sorbet with compressed yuzu and tarragon. It was a really interesting mix of sweet and savory. The sorbet reminded me of chicken noodle soup- almost a little buttery!

696Our individual courses came out and they were absolutely beautiful. They were well executed with specific attention to detail. I’ll go through our courses one by one:

Local Peaches and Corn

691Corn panna cotta, hazelnut polenta financier, bourbon compressed peaches, peach sorbet and candied hazelnuts

Summer Berry “Trellis”

689White Chocolate Cheesecake, Summer Berries, Pistachio Pain de Genes, Blueberry Sorbet, Caramelized Puff Pastry, Pistachio Puree, Aged Balsalmic Glaze

Milk Chocolate Silk Ribbon

690Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Raspberries, Raspberry Sorbet, Cocoa Nibs, Malted Meringue

And again, we were sent EVEN MORE stuff! Jamie sent us the creme brulee with meyer lemon sorbet. The creme brulee was so creamy and rich and the sorbet was a nice change of pace from the fatty creme brulee. The sorbet wasn’t super tart because meyer lemons are small and sweet. YUMMM.

Jamie also sent us a new dessert in the testing phase!  It was yogurt panna cotta with a green apple gelee, chartreuse and apple sorbet, olive oil cake and green apple glass. The yogurt panna cotta was super super tart but I’m also not the biggest fan of yogurt. My friends were gobbling it up though! I really enjoyed the olive oil cake and green apple/chartreuse sorbet.

702Fat and happy, we were ready for our bill. We were sent little mignardise on the way out which are small bites (almost like mints that go with a bill). We each got a vanilla caramel, coconut macaroon and coffee bonbon. I WAS SO FULL AND HAPPY.

695They only charged us for the three plated desserts and our water (first time I’ve had that happen…) so our bill only came to $55 with tax. We each paid $25, leaving a healthy tip for our waiter and waitstaff who took such good care of us. I had an excellent time at Deuxave and was so happy to be able to experience someone else’s menu!


On Tuesday, I divulge how to deal with crazy landlords and still walk away with a win! As stressful as adulting can be, it certainly isn’t boring. Have a great weekend eveyrone!


Boston Hot Spots!

I’ve done it again- I’ve stumbled on some cool Boston finds! I’m always looking for the next cool thing to go out and do but sometimes the best things happen when you find them accidentally.

652 653 654I was showing my friend some parts of the city when we came across a farmers market in Copley Square! Right across from the Boston Public Library, there were tons of tents filled to the brim with fresh, beautiful produce and flowers. I even saw a cool pasta stand and organic mushroom stand for some really interesting takeaways! Plus, I ate an apple the size of my face so I can’t hate that!

The Copley Square farmers market is every Tuesday and Friday 11am-6pm through the end of November!

655 656 657 658 659 660 661 662 663 664 667Another day, I went to a new store in Boston called Primark. I had seen a couple YouTubers gush about their “Primark hauls” so I was excited that it finally made it to the US! It’s basically a Marshalls meets TJ Maxx meets H&M and Forever 21. The prices are unbelievable, especially for the basics that you need in your wardrobe. I ended up getting two slouchy sweaters, 2 sports bras, a new make-up bag and make up remover for $32.50!

685Next, we moseyed to a book shop I wanted to check out called Brattle Book Shop. I drive by it on my way home from work and knew I had to go! Brattle Book Shop is one of America’s oldest used/antique book shops as it opened in 1825.

681The book shop wheels out carts of discounted books to the adjoining alleyway for people to browse. Inside, they have an even larger collection of used books organized by subjects. They rotate their stock often so I’ll definitely be back! I found a book called Life, On the Line by Greg Achatz. It’s about a famous restauranteur who was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had to have massive amounts of his tongue removed leaving him without a sense of taste. Such a devastating blow to a chef but I’m sure there will be a great message about perseverance.

682 683 684 686This city never ceases to surprise me. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the fall season has in store for me! Anyone have any more Boston suggestions? I’d love to hear from you! On Thursday, I review my dessert tasting at the well respected restaurant Deuxave. You won’t  want to miss it! Thanks for reading!

Kayaking on the Charles!

I’ve been living in Boston for about a year and a half now and I’ve started assembling a bucket list of all the things I want to do before I eventually move (whenever and if ever that happens). At the top of my list to accomplish before the end of summer was to go kayaking!

The Charles River snakes for miles throughout Boston- from Newton to Cambridge to the city center near the Esplanade, etc. My roommate and I rented a two person kayak and set off on our adventure! There are four rental locations along the Charles River so you can decide where to start and what sights you want to see. Click here to check out the website!

The two person kayak costed $20 an hour and they pro-rate the fee based on how long you are out on the water. You can also rent a dry bag for your stuff so you don’t have to risk water-logging your stuff!

I never kayaked before so naturally I was nervous about how to get in and out of the boat without looking like a dumb dumb. THANK GOD I didn’t end up falling in, and somehow we avoided running into the crew teams that were practicing on the river… or maybe they avoided us? However it went down, I had so much fun! We were out for 1 hour and 1 minute so they only charged us for 1 hour. This is definitely an activity I’d do again!

669 670 671 672 673 674 675

On Food For Thought Thursday, I’m posting an awesome, easy to make recipe for caramel corn! It’s the perfect sweet snack for the fall and just in time for Halloween!! Thanks for reading!

Tinder Meets Real Life… accidentally.

Oh guys… my life is so awkward. All of these crazy weird coincidences happen to me and I really don’t know how to explain it other than the fact that someone is probably recording my life for some new MTV prank war show or something.

So basically back in the winter, I started talking to a boy on Tinder who I’ll call Chris. I was interested initially because he said he was a cook and I could see that he went to CIA (Culinary Institute of America) which is the “rival” school of Johnson & Wales University where I attended. I sent some sort of comment saying how we might already be enemies since we went to rival schools to get the ball rolling.

Chris and I messaged occasionally on Tinder here and there. Sometimes he would take almost a week to respond to something I had said so I couldn’t quite gauge if there was any interest there. For me, the last straw came late one night when I got a message from him saying something along the lines, “If you need the D, you know where to find it”. And if you guys know from some of my other internet dating posts,I just don’t deal with shit like that. It makes me lose interest almost immediately. When I didn’t respond, I got another message the next day apologizing saying that his friend was the one who sent the message. Uh huh. Right, ok.

So eventually I deleted Chris because I lost interest. HERE’S THE KICKER GUYS. So a couple months ago, I got a call from the Taj Hotel saying that they had a position open and I ended up accepting a job there. Chris told me that he was working at the Taj so when I interviewed, I was nervous I would run into him and look like a complete creep when I really just wanted the job since it was a step in the right direction!

After staging and meeting the other pastry team members, there was YET ANOTHER TWIST. So Chris didn’t work at the Taj anymore (to my relief) but he’s roommates with one of my co-workers… EEK. Also at the time, another one of my co-workers was in a fight with him but I didn’t know under what pretenses. Were they dating and a couple? Were they just friends?! I definitely couldn’t tell them that I kind of knew him now!! SO AWKWARD.

One day, I finally chalked up the courage to talk to one of my co-workers and tell her how I was awkwardly connected to their world besides working with them. She was DYING when I was telling her that I knew Chris from Tinder despite never having met in person. All of a sudden, she GASPS and says, “OH MY GOD I REMEMBER YOU.”

What!? How could she remember me! Apparently Chris had shown Sarah, my co-worker, my profile and commented how he wasn’t sure of whether I wanted a job or a relationship… Well apparently I wanted the job more!! HA. She was telling me that they got really drunk together one night and showed her my profile… WAIT A SECOND. DIDN’T HE SAY THAT ‘A FRIEND’ SENT ME THAT GROSS MESSAGE?

It was Sarah!! Sarah was the one who wrote that to me the night they were drunk together, so Chris wasn’t lying to me! I couldn’t believe it. It was so incredibly funny and weird and “it’s a small world” coincidence and just too freaky. Who would’ve thought that all of our paths would cross in a city as large as Boston…

With this information in hand, they really wanted me to meet him when we would all get together and hang out, surprising him to see the look on his face. He had no idea that the “new girl Abby” was the same as “Abby from Tinder”. I was and still am so embarrassed about the whole situation but I thought it would be more comical than anything!

So as of this moment, I still haven’t met Chris face to face. I ended up tagging a picture of my co-workers on Facebook and through some Facebook creeping, he ended up finding my profile and texting Sarah this message:


HAHAHA SO IT’S ALL RUINED NOW! My life is so weird.

Eeek awkward! Has anyone had any awkward run-ins or meetings or is it just me? Check back on Food for Thought Thursday where I interview my roommate Allie, who’s a manager at Shake Shack! It’s more than just burgers and fries! Thanks for reading!

Boston Public Market

So by now, I think it’s pretty obvious how much I love food markets (check out my post about Haymarket here). So I was really excited when I heard that the Boston Public Market opened up a little less than two weeks ago! I had to get down there to check it out!

Apparently the BPM had been in the works for the last 15 years however with 9/11 and the economy taking a ginormous dump, the progress was pretty much halted. The BPM is a year-round indoor market that runs Wednesday through Sundays from 8am to 8pm. It’s conveniently located in the same building as the Haymarket T stop which is a connection for the green and orange lines. For those of you who are familiar with, or read my post about the open air market I referenced above, it’s literally at the same location so you’d get a TON of variety in products on Fridays and Saturdays.

As well as being accessible by the T, you can also drive and park in the garage directly above the market. This garage  (called Parcel 7) is validated by the front desk in the market for up to 3 hours! Each hour only costs a dollar so it’s probably the best kept short term parking secret in the city. However, the entrance is near impossible to find… I can attest to that from personal experience. I read all the reviews on Yelp and thought I had obtained the address that would lead me to the entrance of the building but it turns out I parked in a different parking garage… and ended up paying $24 for an hour and a half! EEK!!! But thankfully, it’s so close to many of Boston’s attractions (Fanueil Hall, the State House, Boston Commons/Gardens, etc) so you can make a day out of it!

The Boston Public Market has permanent food vendors in the building as well as a giant kitchen that will be used to host cooking class and demonstrations with talent from America’s Test Kitchen (where I used to work!) as well as some random yoga and fitness classes in there as well to utilize that amazing space.

Walking into the market, I was so incredibly impressed. The space was well thought out and totally modern in style. Everything was so clean and organized- I loved it! All of the stands there were either representatives from local farms or small businesses. I love shopping local and try to do that as often as I can to support the local economy.

573 571

I purposely didn’t eat breakfast before I went so I could grab a donut from Union Square Donuts (some might argue that they are the BEST donuts in the city) when we got there. I ordered the Hazelnut Crunch Donut ($3) and a half dozen glazed donut holes ($2.50). HOLY WOW YUM WHAT A GREAT DECISION. We then chatted up the girl working the counter for the next couple of minutes discussing how we had been looking forward to donuts all morning and how they’re also working hand in hand with Shake Shack for their concrete of the month since my roommate Allie works there! (Stay tuned for an interview with Allie about her job at Shack Shake, coming soon!)

576 578 582

While we munched our donuts, we wanted to take a spin around the building to sight see and figure out what we wanted to buy and from where. In addition to just food stands, there were also two stands that focuses on handmade plate and utensil wear! I wanted to buy it all but I haven’t hit the lottery yet, unfortunately. We were also really admiring a stand selling fresh cut flowers! So pretty!

572 580I also noticed that the market had a couple community tables where you can sit and eat or chat with some of the workers/other market-goers. It really brought a sense of community to the establishment. However, I think my favorite idea was a wall that was entirely dedicated to a “Cookbook Exchange”. Similar to the idea of Leave a Penny, Take a Penny, you could bring old cookbooks with different notes or ideas written in it, and exchange it for another cookbook. I love love LOVE this idea. There’s nothing more inspiring to me than fostering a community around the love of food.

579 567While not every single stand is completely up and running just yet since it only opened two weeks ago, it’s probably running at about 80% capacity right now. While looking at a couple fresh produce stands, we learned that one of the farms harvest the food only a day or two in advance before it comes to the market and is packed every day at 3am to be driven a hour to the market! Talk about fresh! Another stand was from Vermont and also brought local cheeses, eggs and dairy to sell. You could even watch fresh cider donuts being made! DROOL.

My favorite part of the day had to be when we visited a cheese stand and tasted four different products while discussing their qualities with a cheese monger. Free samples galore! I bought a quarter pound of cheese called Moses Sleeper which was basically a super flavorful brie. We also tried another cheese called Winnemere that tasted smoky with hints of bacon. There was one particular cheese I didn’t enjoy that tasted like mushrooms and smoke but I really am not a fan of mushrooms so that’ll explain it.

569 575 581 566I left the Market with a boule of sourdough bread, a quarter pound of Moses Sleeper cheese, a whole bunch of pamphlets and recipes, and a stomach full of donuts. BEST. MORNING. EVER. Afterwards, Allie and I went to go sit in the park for about an hour to eat our bread and cheese and soak up the sun! Such a perfect day. I would HIGHLY recommend making a trip to go see the Boston Public Market! It’s only going to get better and better over the next couple weeks as more stands open! Who knows, maybe I’ll be there too!

Hope you enjoyed Food for Thought Thursday! Check back on Tuesday for another infamous OkCupid/dating life update! Why do I always get the weird messages!?

What’s your favorite part about food markets? Share your experience with me! Enjoy your weekend!

Hay is for horses; Hai is for horsegirls

Lexy is one of my absolute best friends from high school and I think our relationship has only gotten closer despite the physical distance between us since college and post grad. She’s also the funniest person I know and ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh about any topic. She’s recently entered the world of OkCupid and has a few anecdotes of her own… Trust me, if there’s one post on my blog you should read, it’s this one! ENJOY!

I have had the distinct privilege of knowing Abby since we were in high school. Though we live farther apart now (I’m still holding it down in PA…sort of), when she calls me on the phone and tells me some of the stories she tells you guys, it’s goes a little something like this on my end:

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5

What’s cool about our friendship is that when we call each other in a foaming panic about how being an adult is so stressful and scary, we actually manage to re-center ourselves and not give in to the chaos. Everyone needs a person like that, ya’ll. Think Mere Grey and Cristina Yang.

Cristina_x_Meredith tumblr_ltrvv2iAhW1qhjicl

When I read Abby’s blog, there are so many things I can speak to. I teach high school, and while I love my kids and my job, there are times I want to crawl under my desk. I also work a second job in a big box retail store, and I have way too many stories of atrocities committed by the public against me/ other retail workers (Abby, invite me back so I can tell them about all the shit I’ve seen. WITNESS ME.)

Aside from work, I’m looking for a gal who’s down to pal. Abby got me on OkCupid, and we joke often about the weirdo messages we get. Women can be just as bizzare when behind the mask of the Internet. Most recently, I got a message from a girl that asked no less than forty questions in the same initial introduction message (After opening with, “hai, I like ur hair”). Among them, she asked how I felt about girls who played video games and did I like horses? That’s when I knew.

Allow me to introduce you, Abby’s blog readers, to the phenomenon known as “horse girls.” Horse girls are the even crazier sister of the crazy cat lady. They may own, work with, show, jump, or at their most excessive, just be an obsessive fan of horses without any actual contact with them in real life. How did I canter down such a twisted path? I’ll admit, I dated a horse girl in college once (or should it be spelled “horsegirl?” There’s no telling where the horse stops and the girl begins…)

The sister of the girl I was dating worked with horses. My then girlfriend referred to these two horses as her “horse nephews.” She bought them hats, and had several framed pictures of them in her room. Guys, I would have bailed on that haystack right there, except…she was hot. How are the hot ones always crazy? Nature is a cruel mistress.

After a year of knowing each other and six months of dating in a stable relationship, I was just about ready to make plans to move in with horsegirl when she abruptly dipset. She trotted off into the distance, and I never heard from her again. So before you think I’m stuck on my high horse, she was the one that galloped away into the sunset, leaving me in the dust.

Thanks, Abby, for inviting me to guest write on Young Adultlescence. If you want to read more from me now and again about dating disasters, retail lyfe, identity & adultlescence, let Abby know in the comments! It’d be mo’ better.


The author of this article adventuring in the wilds of Colorado.

Lexy is a teacher, retail store supervisor, sometime-writer, and full-time pizza/craft beer enthusiast. She lives in Pennsylvania with her Honda Civic, Hazel Grace.