Cape Cod!

I suck at posting lately! I’m working on getting back to myself and focusing on the things of importance in my life. I was getting a little too wrapped up in some personal issues but now I’m re-focusing back on my avenues of creativity. I have a few things to share with you guys in the upcoming posts. I’ve been to some great restaurants and visited new parts of Massachusetts which leads me to today topic: Cape Cod!

My sister came up for a visit a few weeks ago and she’s a great person to explore with! I’ve been living in New England for the past six years and I SOMEHOW managed to never go to the Cape. Since my sister was visiting in the off season, we knew not much would be open but the weather would suffice for exploring and hiking!


We found this amazing bed and breakfast called the Snug Cottage on Bradshaw Street, only blocks from Commercial Street in Provincetown. Commercial Street is the main street on the “island” of Provincetown and it’s host to many shops, clubs, restaurants, art galleries, etc. Provincetown is known for being very LGBTQ friendly and is filled to the brim with visitors over the summer. In the off season, only about 2000 residents live there as opposed to 75,000 visitors per weekend.


Tim, the owner and innkeeper of Snug Cottage was super welcoming and hospitable. Since we were the only guests of the weekend, he upgraded us to the best suite! The room featured a fireplace, adorable window seating, a small lounge area and a spacious bathroom. Breakfast was so sweet too, served at 8:30 unless otherwise requested. They featured hot, fresh muffins, granola and yogurt, hard boiled eggs, toast with an assortment of jams and milk/orange juice/coffee. There was tons of great memorabilia around the house and a ton of history about Tim’s life, past visitors to the inn and Provincetown itself.

Steph and I got dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the water and would have incredible views at sunset. The next morning, we went exploring through the town, up and down Commercial Street and visiting the Pilgrim Monument. We took some time down by the fishing docks and drove around the “island” taking in the sights! I had a great time and would definitely visit again when the weather is nicer, later in the season.

To finish off my time with my sister, we went to Sarma restaurant in Somerville which I will be reviewing next! Check back soon for another mouth-watering post!

Weaving a Web of Lies!

I have found that my life so far is a slew of awkward situations and stories carefully held together by scotch tape and homemade gorilla glue. It’s messy but interesting, never dull and consistently leaves me peeling dried glue off my hands at the end of the day. That being said, I have some news.

For some unknown reason the big man upstairs/the flying spaghetti monster has taken pity on my life and allowed A BOY TO LIKE ME. And it just so happens that I caught a few feelings in return. Here we are, two people pretending to be adults in mutual like with one another yet pretending to the outside world that we’re nothing more than friends.

Why, might you ask? This is where things get a bit complicated…. Up until recently, we were co-workers spending 3+ nights a week together tending to every whim and fancy of the upper class. In the midst of slaving away, I started to realize we had a lot of common interests/morals/passions/weird childhood obsessions and things started to click. Did I like him? No no, we’re coworkers. Did I catch a case of the feels? Hell to the no, the thought never crossed my mind. Was I interested in trying to make a move? Maybe when Donald Trump wins the presidential election (I’m still crossing my fingers for a fat chance in hell).

You can ask any of my friends- I’m super stubborn and refuse to face my emotions. I would panic when my best friend would try to talk to me and completely shut down. I finally woman-ed up, told myself to be brave and there is no shame in making yourself vulnerable in an effort for companionship. Well, at least that’s what I preached after 3 shots and a cocktail. Oops?

What started as innocent sessions “let’s watch Sherlock together and hang out after work” aka Netflix and chill, I realized that I was ignoring my own feelings. I was interested and wanted to make a move without jeopardizing the separation of work and personal. After a couple weeks of hanging out and sitting closer and closer on the couch until we were only a few inches apart, I finally made a move and the rest has been history.
In an effort to keep our work and personal lives separate, we were pretending like we weren’t dating one another at work. I didn’t want to be a part of the rumor mill or a source of gossip; plus I wanted my role to remain serious and professional. While this hasn’t been a problem at work, I have run into a few occasions that could’ve blown my cover- BIG TIME.

Only a week or two after we started dating, I wanted to go on a date and do something active. Maybe go to a bar and spend some quality time together. We planned on going one night after work to grab a drink. We were taking a T together when immediately across from us are the roommates of my co-worker ONE OF WHOM happens to be the infamous CHRIS from my Tinder Meets Real Life post!! EEK. My cover was totally blown!! I immediately started sweating, couldn’t figure out what to do with my hands and was panicking on the inside. We had to say hi and make awkward small talk like nothing was wrong… OH MY GLOB IT WAS SO AWKWARD.

We got off the train and I immediately had to figure out how to cover this up the next day at work. I couldn’t pretend like we hadn’t been hanging out in case my co-worker found out from her roommate… but I had also lied and said I was hanging out with “some friends” after work. *insert inner monologue: OKAY I GOT IT! My friends cancelled on me, but I still wanted to go out. So I asked Nick if he wanted to grab a drink when we casually bumped into Chris and the other roommate on the T. That’ll work, Abby! Reeeeaaaaal casual.*

Somehow I got away with it. It seemed normal enough that Nick and I would hang out after work, as we had done it before. PHEW! Crisis averted. In another instance, Nick was going to meet me after work so we could go to a café around the corner. Turns out it was our friend’s birthday and they were going out for drinks. I lied and said I made plans already but would try to rearrange them. Buuuuut since I already solidified plans with Nick, I didn’t want to be rude and cancel. Minutes after I left work and said goodbye, I met Nick a few blocks away. We kissed hello and headed into the café WHEN ONE OF MY COWORKERS WALKED OUT OF THE FRONT DOOR. OH MY GOD. How could I possibly cover this up!?
All three of us awkwardly said hello and quickly ran by each other… I literally just lied to her minutes ago saying I was meeting up with “a friend” but now I totally looked suspicious!! After shooting her a text, she promised to keep it to herself for the time being which made me feel immensely better. So much sneaking about and lying!! I can’t live like this!

Another couple months have gone by, and I’ve been dying to tell my co-workers! I’m terrible at lying when they ask how my weekend was, or if they’re curious what shift Nick is working and I happen to know. I’ve also been dying to write about all of these shenanigans but was too nervous they’d find out! After some time searching, Nick found a new job and we came clean. I don’t think I’m made for secret “office” romances!

I’m sad to say that I won’t have any OKCupid updates or stupid Tinder stories to share for awhile (hopefully anyway!) but I’m sure I’ll have fun, new stories to share as I’m understanding what it’s like to be in a relationship again after years of singledom.

On Thursday, I have a new foodie blog post to share! Stay tuned!

Burnt Out

Fellow blogging community!

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been feeling a little lackluster with the blog posts feeling like I’m confined to this schedule of posting. I’ve also been feeling like my content is suffering and I’m just writing something for the heck of it. I know that this  is something I completely put on myself but when I decided I needed to make a schedule for more regular posting, I was the one who needed some structure in my life.

Thankfully, I’m in a much better place in my life where I have more of a balance between work and social. I feel like I’m finally comfortable with making baby steps into adulthood whether that’s making regular doctors appointments or buying a new rug for my living room. But it took a long time and a ton of patience to finally feel like I’ve achieved this balance.

I’ve decided that I need to sort of take a step back from blogging on a weekly basis and find the foundation of my voice again. I want to make posts that I’m proud of and excited to write about. I will continue to write about anything food related in my life and of course all of the awkward, weird and cool things that happen in my social life as well. That being said, I do have a few things so share over the next couple weeks, so it’s not a means to an end! I’m just exploring new ways to renew my inspiration and share it passionately with this community. Posts will still appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the future!

All of this being said, I think it’s important that us young professionals of the world figure out what that point of exhaustion is and how to avoid it. I spent the first year of my professional life sleeping 4-5 hours a night, working 2 jobs 60+ hours a week, regretting the fact that I didn’t have any time for a social life and only finding solace and control in my ability to go to the gym and write this blog. All of which felt very isolating and quiet.

I kept lying to myself that it was only temporary, that I was paying my dues in the food service industry and making a sacrifice for a better future. And while this is true, everything comes at a cost. I consistently made myself sick and caught colds left and right. I had anxiety about my job every night and would restlessly sleep for the few hours I could catch on a regular basis. I got pink eye from either the gym or the kids I used to babysit which caused me to miss days of work and worry about my paychecks. Not to mention, I got in two very expensive car accidents during the worst winter of my life attributing to my stress thus causing shingles to perpetuate in my body.

I cried by myself, to my roommates and my parents on a daily basis but refused to acknowledge that I had the power to make a change. Through lots of encouragement and persistence, I got a new job and the entirety of my life changed for the better. I cannot stress the importance of caring for and putting yourself first. It isn’t selfish and it isn’t weak. At the end of the day, no matter how much support you have in your life, you’re the only one accountable for you.

You have the power to dictate the way you live your life and seek out what brings you happiness. It’s 100% okay to be lost in that journey. That’s what makes it an adventure. But everything can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle. Thats the beauty of it all.

Happiness is not a limited resource.


New Music Tuesday!

I’m lucky enough to say that I have two moms that consist of my actual, biological mother and my best friends mom! They’re the best and treat me so well. Every holiday, I get a card from both of my moms and usually have some sort of treat inside. For Valentines Day, I got a total of $20 to iTunes! I couldn’t wait to buy some new music, and I want to share some of my current obsessions!

Does anyone else have some new music recommendations? Be sure to check back next week as I have some JUUUICY gossip to share! Thanks for reading!

Am I an adult?

So these last two years in post grad have been nothing but a roller coaster ride. I’ve gone through plenty of downs followed by a couple ups that make all the downs seem worthwhile. As decisions become easier and my answers more innate, I can’t help but wonder: Am I starting to become an adult?

Part of why I started this blog is so I could share my struggles with you guys and hopefully find common ground so I don’t feel like a fish out of water! That being said, I’ve come up with a couple signs of adulthood that may seem small, but mean that you’ve made it! I haven’t completely achieved all of these yet, but I have many years ahead of me to accomplish them! Without further ado, here’s the list!

– You know those stickers you put on the upper left corner of envelopes with your address on them?! Why would I pay for that? Oh wait, you have a stable job, a permanent address and a supporting spouse with expendable income? You’re an adult

-When you remember what day the trash gets picked up in your town and actually take out the trash the night before.

-You become retrospective about your childhood and come to value your relationships much more seriously than before.You achieve this sense of humbleness and gratefulness.

-When your plateware and silverware all match. And perhaps were all bought at the same time.

-When you showcase that plateware and silverware by hosting dinner parties and game nights. Or bookclubs. If that doesn’t scream adult, I don’t know what does.

-Knowing what a PCP is, how to find one, and understanding your healthcare. PCP isn’t a drug, it means Primary Care Physician.

-Speaking of doctors… scheduling doctors appointments for check ups, and not just extreme emergencies like chopping your arm off in a freak kitchen accident.

-Not only filing taxes, but also filing them as an independent! Free from all parent ties!

-Watching your friends get engaged, married, buying houses or having babies around you and wondering when those things are going to happen to you.

-Also having your Facebook and Instagram feeds full of posts about said engagements, weddings, houses or babies.

-When all you wanna do is eat junk food but you get heartburn after two bites of that delicious Shake Burger.

-Staying up late means 11pm and not a minute later. You’ll be out like a light drooling on your couch.

-Two drinks used to mean barely a buzz but now it means being a complete wasteoid.


Does anyone have anything else to add? I’m certainly not anywhere close to being a full blown adult at the budding age of 23. Is this something to look forward to?

Something you guys can look forward to is Food for Thought Thursday! I’ll be showing you guys my favorite foodie Instagram accounts to follow! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back in two days!

Social Responsibility

As I’ve grown into a semi-responsible pretend adult, I’ve come to realize that I have an opportunity to have a voice. When I was younger, I thought voting was stupid. I felt like such a small being and how could my one vote make a difference?  I now realize that attitude is what can really get us in trouble.

This mindset doesn’t always have to relate to politics. This is something I’ve sort of written about before as seen in my Cowspiracy post! We can’t  keep abusing and overusing our resources as they aren’t an everlasting infinite supply. However, if we each make a conscious decision to lessen our impact, a collective difference is made. The power of one inspires a trickle down effect and supports large change.

The upcoming presidential election feels more important to me than ever. Personally, I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders. I have confidence that we will continue to move forward and progress as a country. I’m not trying to preach my political views per say but I think we all have a social responsibility to find out where we align. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, write in votes, whatever the case may be. Find your voice and USE it.

As the primary election is coming upon us (and in some states has already happened), it’s important to learn where and when the polls are taking place and of course get registered if you aren’t already. If you’re in college, there are ways to send away for absentee ballots from your home state address and often colleges offer programs to help.

I have really only scratched the surface of understanding how I can use my voice for the better. All I know is that I don’t want to let any opportunity pass by. Although maybe small, I see ways that  I can help. Most recently, I heard that Bernie Sanders wasn’t on the primary ballot in a few states, one of which was my home state of Pennsylvania. I used my hometown address and signed the petition trying to get him back on the ballot! Success! I’m really proud of my involvement and I can’t wait to to see what’s in store for the future.


How do you get involved? What differences do you want to see in the future?

On Food for Thought Thursday, I’m going to be revealing my Boston restaurant bucket list! Although I’ve lived here for almost two years now, there are a TON of restaurants that I still can’t wait to try! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back on Thursday!

Post Grad Struggle Bus

Note from Abby: Perhaps Lexy will become a more than once in awhile guest blogger because she’s one of my best friends who also likes to write and I happen to find her extremely hilarious. She’s also sometimes full of sage old woman advice. For all of our fellow post grads out there, this one should hit home!

This May, I will be two full years out of college. Two whole years! That feels like a lifetime to me. When I was accepting awards and handshakes and congratulations from my undergraduate program, I knew that two years out, I’d be settled into my own classroom. Making a difference. Being the One To Watch, as I had been my entire educational career. It seemed like nothing could hold me down. For years, nothing could.

Now, I haven’t lost hope entirely on this dream. It’s just that the sunrays of reality are shedding some much needed light on the path connecting my current vista to where I want to go, up in the clouds. And let me tell you, it is all uphill. I’m no stranger to hard work: I worked three different jobs simultaneously in college, double-majored, and still found time to volunteer. I work two jobs now. I know how to work and still find time to live, even if I feel like I am barely clinging to life. But somehow, I did not ever guestimate that it would be this hard out in the “real” world.

It’s almost like nothing that happened in my life prior to age 23 even mattered. It’s just this unaccounted for time in my development into a post-baccalaureate “real” person. Like, might as well have popped out of the womb wearing a pantsuit or something, because nobody is going to hire me based on anything that happened prior to my college acceptance. It’s not like I founded my own start-up at age 12, or was a computer genius at age 3. According to my mother, it was most miraculous that I started speaking at 18 months, but then I never shut up, so even that’s not super exciting.

I suppose it is exciting that I’m currently employed, and even though my jobs make mediocre use of my talents, I get paid money. That’s cool. I’m sure in 15 years, I’ll look back on my current foolishness and wish I was more grateful. And I am grateful. But I find myself frustrated often at the Universe that my life doesn’t look like My Life did in my head, despite my best efforts all along to be realistic and practical. I fear frequently that the narrative of get-good-grades-go-to-college-get-a-job is horribly inaccurate and only serves to make money for the people who write and promote that narrative, but that is a radical idea that makes me unpopular at dinner parties and in certain political circles.

I know that I am talented. I have this innate talent for teaching and a sincere love of young people, however complex their background or what brings them to me or my classroom. I am patient and gentle and kind, even though when not in the presence of young people, I swear A LOT. I just don’t know yet what type of job will pay me to be these things. Or worse, I will have to work a job that never pays me to be these things, and these qualities will become my “after work hobbies.”

Abby: For the time being, we’ll all have to live in this in-between state of knowing what we’re doing and PRETENDING like we know what we’re doing. Does being an adult get any easier? Do taxes become easier to understand year after year? Every day presents a new challenge and most likely, a new Google search is enterted to figure out how to fix a situation. But at least we’re in it all together, right? All aboard the struggle bus!

Who else is out there feeling the same way? Any suggestions on figuring out your passions and how they can fit within a fulfilling career? On Food for Thought Thursday, I give an update of our winter dessert menu at the Taj Hotel in Boston! You won’t want to  miss it!