Ugh I hate that I even have to write this quick little post, but I’m finding that I need to go on a blogging hiatus for a bit. My work schedule is getting really busy with the holidays coming up (were building a GIANT gingerbread scene-scape of the Boston Tea Party!) and I’m clocking a lot of extra hours. So between that, finding time to go to the gym and having somewhat of a social life, my time to write is minimal. 

When I do find time, I’ll be throwing up a post now and again so don’t be a stranger! We all know how awkward my life is, I won’t be able to stay away! 

Did I tell you guys I finally met Chris from my infamous Tinder post?! It was super awkward… And we both tried to be normal and shake hands and said “nice to finally meet you” and EHHH so weird. 

Check back to read up on our future encounters! I will be back! Don’t worry! Thanks for the support! L8tr Sk8trs! 


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