Sticking It to the Man

There are days when I feel like an adult and days where I feel like I can barely feed and dress myself. This past summer, the second floor in my apartment was undergoing renovations before new tenants moved in.

I’m not an unreasonable person, but we were having a lot of issues with the construction. Our hot water went out multiple times, the electricity went on the fritz and set our fire alarms off, our toilet was leaking into the second floor whenever we flushed and there was a dumpster in our parking space for at least a month. Not to mention the countless mornings I was woken by noisy construction day in and day out.

I was fed up, my roommates were fed up, the other housemates were fed up and we wanted some sort of retribution. Our landlord and his brother own the house and split the rent between apartments. Most of the time we had been dealing with the brother when things went wrong. However, we tried to get in contact with our actual landlord to talk about taking money off.

Long story short, we got in multiple screaming matches and angry phone calls and were not coming out on top. It seemed like a sinking ship. We were getting ready to give in and write our rent checks the next day when the brother came to say he cut us a deal: $200 off our rent and continued use of the laundry machines in the house.

Without wanting to delay paying or making anyone angrier, I wrote a check to take to my landlords convenience store and have him sign an adendum to the lease. I explain to him that I just want our agreement in writing when he says, “But my word is better than having it in writing”


So I looked him square in the eye aand said “Well, you won’t have a problem signing it then if that’s true”. He just chuckled, signed the paper and then looked at me. He then asked, “What do you drink? What’s your poison?”

Wait what?

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I usually drink vodka or rum…”

He then goes over and picks up a handle of Bacardi and hands it to me!!!! He then says, “We’re okay, yeah? Have a drink with your roommates!”

WHOAAAA. Did I just sort of win this battle? Did I impress him by sticking to my guns and not letting him walk all over us?!

It was the most unusual of circumstances but hey! I got a free bottle of booze out of it!

I’ve quickly been learning that there isn’t a handbook to adulting teaching me how to handle situations like this. But slowly and surely, I feel like I’m coming into my own! Perhaps this was a small win, but I’m still taking the victory!

On Food for Thought Thursday, I’m giving out another recipe! This time it’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins! YUUUM. Until then! Thanks for reading!


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