Kayaking on the Charles!

I’ve been living in Boston for about a year and a half now and I’ve started assembling a bucket list of all the things I want to do before I eventually move (whenever and if ever that happens). At the top of my list to accomplish before the end of summer was to go kayaking!

The Charles River snakes for miles throughout Boston- from Newton to Cambridge to the city center near the Esplanade, etc. My roommate and I rented a two person kayak and set off on our adventure! There are four rental locations along the Charles River so you can decide where to start and what sights you want to see. Click here to check out the website!

The two person kayak costed $20 an hour and they pro-rate the fee based on how long you are out on the water. You can also rent a dry bag for your stuff so you don’t have to risk water-logging your stuff!

I never kayaked before so naturally I was nervous about how to get in and out of the boat without looking like a dumb dumb. THANK GOD I didn’t end up falling in, and somehow we avoided running into the crew teams that were practicing on the river… or maybe they avoided us? However it went down, I had so much fun! We were out for 1 hour and 1 minute so they only charged us for 1 hour. This is definitely an activity I’d do again!

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On Food For Thought Thursday, I’m posting an awesome, easy to make recipe for caramel corn! It’s the perfect sweet snack for the fall and just in time for Halloween!! Thanks for reading!


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