Book Club: Edition Biographies!

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of reading. Growing up, I didn’t have cable tv or any game systems. We only owned a couple movies: Annie, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Passport to Paris, Free Willy and a bootleg version of Cinderella that we accidently/tragically taped over. A lot of my time was spent playing outside, building stuff with Legos and reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I’m actually really glad and feel really privileged that that’s how I was raised. Kudos, Mom and Dad.

Lately, my apartment has been having a gazillion and a half issues including my wifi and cable being out for 5 days thanks to a freak hailstorm in the middle of the summer. THANKS BOSTON. But also I’ve been taking the bus to work which gives me ample time to read again and I couldn’t be happier!

My favorite genre of books is biographies, hands down. I’m not sure how or why my attachment to them started given that I was the kid that had a reversible Harry Potter bed spread and like 30 mini posters hanging in my room… I WAS REALLY COOL OKAY? But there’s something I find so fascinating about just plain people. Everyone has a different story to tell with varying diverse backgrounds. I also like that biographies make me think. Our overall theme in 10th grade English was EMPATHY and I’ve never let that leave my side. I believe that if we all just listened, empathized and accepted one another for who we are, the world could ultimately be a much better place to live.

So without further ado (I FINALLY LOOKED IT UP GUYS! Apparently ado means hubbub or hustle), here’s a few biographies I’ve recently read and recommend!

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey wasn’t shy recounting all her awkward interactions growing up. From her first under the shirt-over the bra feel up to how she ended up meeting her husband are all in there. It also talked about her time on Second City and SNL! It’s a great read and full of laughs! 10/10 would recommend!

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I never imagined that Amy Poehler would be so crass and truthful and funny all at the same time. She talks about her past and how it finally lead to her successful career without focusing so much on her career. Rather, she focuses on the people and lifestyle choices that got her there, which really makes me see her as a person and not just a celebrity in the media. My favorite part of the book is when someone had asked her if she was surprised that she became so successful and she basically told them to fuck off. Essentially that it wasn’t good luck but rather hard work and dedication. Fuck yeah, Amy Poehler. You tell ‘em!

Seriously… I’m Kidding by Ellen Degenerous


I love Ellen Degenerous. I love her positive attitude and dance moves. I didn’t, however, fall in love with her book. It’s filled to the brim with typical Ellen humor, quippy and light-hearted, however I definitely thought there were chapters that didn’t matter. If you’re looking for a really easy read, this would make a great beach book!

My Life in France by Alex Prud’homme


Not directly written by Julia Child (MY IDOL <3) herself, but it’s a fairly accurate account of her life leading up to the climax of her fame. I admire Julia Child so much. Not only was she a BALLSY woman who was a spy in World War Two, but she also never gave up on finding her passion in life. She didn’t begin cooking until she was in France and attended Le Cordon Bleu where she was the only woman in her class with no experience. Immersed in the absolute BEST culture with the freshest ingredients, she came into her own having many adventures along the way.

Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs


This was the last book I read and I was done in 3 days. I immediately got sucked into the plot from page one. Augusten Burroughs was born into a verbally abusive family causing each member to develop their own idiosyncracies. Once his parents finally separated, his mother allowed her abnormal psychotherapist to adopt him. Augusten then grew up in a house where 13 years of age defines adulthood, relationships with 33 year old pedophiles are normal and faking a suicide attempt to get out of school is just another day in the life. It’s definitely one of those “train wreck” type of book that is terrifying but you can’t tear your eyes away!

It’s also a movie, which I really want to rent and watch! Check out the trailer below!

Does anyone have any good book suggestions-biographies or other? I’m always looking for a great read to help fill my bus rides to work (and hopefully have cute boys notice how intellectual and concentrated I look).

Upcoming on Food for Thought Thursday, I visited and reviewed the newly opened, year round indoor market called the Boston Public Market! Check out my experience and what kind of goodies I brought home! Until then!


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