It’s a New Dawn

God damn, Michel Buble is the best, hands down. Want to feel classy? Throw on Buble. Want to take a relaxing bubble bath? Put on some Buble and make it a Buble bath instead. In the mood for some Christmas or holiday music? Buble has an entire album dedicated to that.

Recently, I was making dinner with my roommate when she played the song “Feeling Good” and we were JAMMING OUT. I suggest at this point in the post, you hit play on the link below to truly feel the chills and vibe out for a minute. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to listen before I continue.




ISN’T IT SO KILLER?! I guess at this point, you’re wondering why I’m writing a post about Michel Buble, or at the very least starting my post about him. The last couple weeks of my life have been a complete whirlwind. I was babysitting when I got a call from the Taj Hotel in Boston where they were looking at a resume I had submitted months and months ago. They were hiring for a pastry cook and wanted to know if I was interested in coming for an open interview. I somehow miraculously had the day off when they were holding the interviews so I went in to see what all the hub-bub was about.

I ended up being at the initial interview for 3 1/2 hours! I met with HR for a behavioral interview, then with the pastry chef and finally with the food and beverage director before they asked me to come back for a bench test. For those of you who may or may not remember, a bench test is a practical assessment of your skills. You go in to physically make the team whatever you’re asked and then they assess your skill level as a piece of the interviewing process.

EEK! I was given 3 days to come up with some type of small cookie and a cake under the condition that I had to “surprise the chef”. EXCUSE ME WHAT. No pressure, my ass! I spent a whole day planning out what to make and started to gather what I needed for practice. I knew I needed to do well at this bench test since this job could open up a lot of doors for me! I practiced all weekend and even made my friends come over to taste test. They were obviously offended that I asked for their help.

The day comes and I go in for the test. Nervous as ever, I swallow the butterflies and get to work. At first everything is going smoothly and I think I’m not doing so bad! …but then my mousse breaks… And my ganache doesn’t set. And my cookies don’t have a sheen. My icing isn’t thick enough. Literally everything that COULD go wrong, DID go wrong. I was so beyond embarrassed. All I wanted to do was go home and cry a bit. All that practice went to nothing!

As I was talking to the chef, I expressed how embarrassed I was and wanted to show him my website as a testament to my work ethic and talent. He blew it off which made me think that I blew it despite him having told me that he looks for more qualities in a candidate than what they can produce. Once again, I was taken back up to HR where I had to wait AN HOUR to have YET ANOTHER INTERVIEW with the hotel manager. After being at the hotel for almost 8 hours, they extended me an offer letter on the spot. I honestly don’t know why- especially after my performance on the bench test- but I GOT IT! A job with better pay and benefits (it’s all about the BENNIESSSSSSSS HEYOOO) where I can quit my second job and really only focus on learning and developing my pastry repertoire!

In less than two weeks, I had to give notice to my current job at Flour (WAHHHH) but tried keeping perspective about what was ahead of me. I’ve since started at the Taj- a four star luxury hotel in Boston with other branches of the company ALL over the world. I couldn’t be any luckier. I think sometimes that whats meant to be, will be no matter how impatient I am for the results. Que sera sera.

To all of my fellow post grads, keep your heads up. If I can survive being the Bad Luck Club queen after a winter full of car accidents, pink eye and shingles yet still come out on top- so can you. Maybe it’s cliche sounding but I am a firm believer that everything falls into place for a reason. It’ll be your turn soon, don’t worry! But until then, take a deep breath! Let Buble calm you down and treat yourself to a nice glass of wine! TREAT YO SELF!

Check back on Thursday for another Food for Thought post! Until next time! 


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