Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

I’m starting to realize that being 23 is a very weird age. I’ve just passed the one year mark of officially being on my own- no help from mom and dad, no school to fall back on, nothing. And as stressful and weird as this year has been, I live on my own in a new city, work two jobs to pay all of my bills without assistance, and eat at least one decent meal each day and yet I have managed to do this miraculously without pulling all of my hair out strand of strand (although I’ve thought about having a couple Britney Spears breakdown moments every once in awhile…) Go me! Kudos! Pat on the back! I’m somehow still keeping my head above water.

But here’s where it went weird and don’t know exactly where I fit…. In one weekend, I went back to my alma mater to watch my friends (all of whom I’m SO incredibly proud of) graduate and then the next I went to a friend’s bridal shower. I think I can genuinely say that I’m SO happy for both groups of people but where do I fit? Do I consider myself more post-grad or more adult?

I’m past the point of being able to say that I’m a recent post grad. Maybe I can say circa 2014 but I’m not sure that that even warrants the use of “circa”. However, I think it might be frowned upon to get drunk on a weeknight just for the hell of it. I’m not totally certain that having a one night fling is “acceptable behavior” and I’m almost 100% positive that my employers won’t excuse a call out or being late to work on account of having some type of “fun” the night before. Which sucks, ya know? I can no longer use the excuse, “I just miss college” (WHICH I DO, BELIEVE ME) or “I’m young, I’m allowed to make all the mistakes I want!” and then expect to be forgiven over and over again.

I just don’t quite think I’m quite at that adulting point yet where bridal showers and babies feels normal. I can’t even shave my legs without missing the same spot 2 weeks in a row resulting it abnormally long hairs on the back of my leg. I mean, come on people. How the hell am I supposed to know what stage I’m in?

Maybe thats the beauty of it- I can do and be whomever I want. I can teeter on the line of recent post grad and adult. I’m basically balancing between “Oh, that wasn’t so bad” and “Oops, shit my pants for the third time today”. But I guess as long as I can say that I’m not drowning in student debt or wedding bills, I must be doing alright.

Buzzfeed gets it. Check out their article about being 23. Click here!

Anybody else have thoughts on post grad? How do you categorize yourself, if anything? Is there a stereotype you fall under?

I just figured I’d leave you with a nice throwback from Blink 182 which perfectly mimics how I feel. Maybe minus the streaking!

Check back on Thursday for my review of Iggys Bread of the World in Cambridge! I got the chance at seeing the inner workings of their bakery/factory and now I’m going to share it with you! Thanks for reading!


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