Baker Pet Peeves

As a baker, I realize that I work so hard to serve the customers. What the customer wants is what the customer gets. And most of the time, I’m happy to make their day! However, there are moments where my head is about to explode due to specific requests that totally goes against customer etiquette. Here’s a compiled list of my baker pet peeves (because we’re people too, ya know!)
1. If you need to change the serving time of a cake, don’t call 15 minutes before you’re coming to pick it up! Often times the cake isn’t finished because we’re on a very tight time schedule or maybe the cake hasn’t thawed enough to be servable! The earlier you let us know, the better.

2. On another note about time, if you’re making a same day order, you can’t rush the process. Most likely, we’re not going to say no but we can’t always have 100 mini cookies ready for pick up in an hour.

3. I’m on a baking team of 7 and only 4 to 5 of us work at the same time. So basically that’s only 8 to 10 physical hands that produce everything you see on the counter! If I happened to burn the croissants that morning, you can bet I’m more pissed at myself about it. Having a customer be mad because we don’t have them in house isn’t going to help.

4. Insider secret: if you want the mini versions of something, they’re usually 3/4th of the price of a full but only half of the serving. You’re getting jipped. But also, it makes my job a lot more difficult because I don’t make that stuff on the norm.

5. Also along the lines of minis- you can’t eat 7 mini tartlets and feel okay about that because they’re “small” when usually 2-3 minis equals one regular sized tart. EVERYTHING IS A LIE!

6. The mark up on fruit platters is RIDONKULOUS. We hate cutting your fruit for you. Don’t be lazy. (Although it is a good money maker soooo)

7. Don’t buy a single pastry to split with someone and then expect us to cut it in half for you in the back. Will my cutting it make the pieces more even or something? We DO offer utensils out front- you don’t have to eat like a barbarian so use them please!

8. I’ve also encountered orders where people ask for products to be pre-cut in half. Yeah, maybe that makes sharing easier, but it also makes the products look worse. Not to mention that some products aren’t meant to be cut in half which then totally ruins the integrity of the food. I worked hard to make that food so nice; don’t make me mess it up too!

9. Don’t eat 3/4ths of a pastry and then return it because you “didn’t like it”. YOU ATE MOST OF THE GODDAMN PASTRY HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU DIDN’T LIKE IT. Since we’re big on customer service at Flour, we WILL give you another pastry of your choice but we also really hate you big time.

10. Lastly, if you need to cancel your order, call. Don’t not show up and let the product go to waste! Nothing is worse than going into the walk-in and seeing a 14” lemon raspberry cake sitting there from the day before. UGH.

Overall, please please please just remember that food service workers are people too! We work hard to make food that’s both beautiful and delicious and want to make our customers happy. Check back on Tuesday for my review on another awesome Boston find- the SOWA market! 

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