Walk the MoOOOOOooOoOoOON!

Walk the Moon is my favorite band- hands down. One of my best friends growing up went to school in Cincinnati, OH and started listening to them when they were this teeny tiiiny little band. So I was senior in high school when she had me listen to them and I was hooked. Officially 5 years has passed and now they’re BLOWING UP. I’m super excited for them as a band but I’m also really upset in that selfish, I’m-kinda-hipster-for-knowing-them-for-a-long-time kind of way because I want them to remain this teensy band that very few people have heard of.

Seeing them in concert for the first time was so great. My friends and I drove down to DC to watch them open at the Black Cat for Grouplove. I even friended Nick, the leader singer, on Facebook before we went and exchanged a message with him saying how excited we were to see them in concert. Does that make me a stalker or a groupie? EEP. Tickets were $8 and it was so great. We were the first people in line because we were the losers that showed up like 3 hours early. The stage was no more than a foot off the ground and I stood in front of Kevin, the bassist. I almost got hit in the face a couple times by his bass and I would’ve been HAPPY if that had happened. We ended up meeting the band after the concert at their merch stand and chatted for awhile before going home. Still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

The Black Cat!

The Black Cat!

Picture from 2011- my friends before WTM!

Picture from 2011- my friends before WTM!

Legit how close we were- no zoom!

Legit how close we were- no zoom!

307This of course started my streak of seeing them a few more times over the years. They opened at another venue in Philly for Neon Trees which was equally incredible and right before they became headliners. The 3rd concert I saw was in Providence at Lupo’s where they headlined with Magic Man opening which then started my Magic Man obsession too! But most recently, my roommate and I bought two sets of tickets to see them on their Talking Is Hard tour in both Providence and Boston.

The Providence show was again at Lupo’s which is a great venue that we expected to be a bit more intimate than Boston at the House of Blues. We showed up a bit late and missed a song or two of the openers, The Griswolds. After the opening set, we somehow scooted to the exact middle of the venue but on the ledge that put us a head above everyone else so  no one was blocking our view. There were SO many teeny boppers there, with a bunch of parents waiting in the back… And then a bunch of screaming girls shouting how hot they thought the band was. *insert giant eyeroll*

308There was this one girl standing next to me that was practically right on top of me and we were standing arm to arm literally putting pressure on one another to passive aggressively have each other move out of the way. SORRY BUT NOOOOOO. I’ll start a brawl before you push me out of the way. Half way through the concert, I had had just about enough of her pushing me around so I turned to her and said “EXCUSE ME BUT DO YOU MIND MOVING OVER” and she looked at me and said, “NO, I CAN”T”. EXCUSE ME BITCH!? I would never aaaactually start a brawl but damn, I really wanted to. I had this vision of me just knocking her in the face but I could never do that.

309Regardless of this bitch, the concert was, as always, amazing. They perform with such high energy and enthusiasm. After the concert, my roommate and I were starving and headed up to North where a friend of mine works. We got a ton of plates to share including the tiny ham biscuits, dan dan noodles, crispy pork and cauliflower and then were sent out the sweet potatoes. We couldn’t even come close to eating it all but it was SO delish. After this, we headed over to a cool bar called Ogie’s Trailer Park for some late night drinks before crashing at another friends house for the night.

Once at my friends place, I had been awake for almost 23 hours so I was delirious. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was OUT. Until we heard a blood curdling scream and then a crash! Another floor of this apartment was having a party and as it turns out, people coming to this party got into a fight with a group of guys on the street and brought the fight towards the house. When the two people ran inside, the group of guys wanted them to come back out so they picked up a chair and SMASHED the front window in shattering glass and sending it everywhere. Police were called, reports were given… HOW DOES STUFF LIKE THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!

After receiving some other crazy news from other friends in Providence, I was ready to go back to Boston to recover before the next concert at the House of Blues.

House of Blues was probably the best concert of the two we had most recently seen. We maybe got to the venue an hour early and got great spots towards the front on the left hand side and had PLENTY of room to dance and really get into the music. At one point, these group of girls tried pushing up between me and another group and I WAS NOT about to have another Providence incident so I turned to them and said “OH NO, I DON’T THINK SO” and they shied away. The group next to me all gave me hi-fives like I was some sort of hero for keeping these people from budging us. When it comes to WTM, I don’t mess around!




I’m still in a daze from the concerts. I wish I could go to one every week because I just left them both on such a high! Check out Walk the Moon’s music below as well as some of the Griswolds! I even posted some music from my Spotify Obsession post so check that out as well! See you on Thursday for a Food for Thought post!


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