$5.50 and a Smile

I think it’s pretty evident by now that I love anything related to food; I love eating food, looking at food, making food, smelling food, talking about food, etc. So when I found out that an open air market is held every Friday and Saturday throughout the year in Boston, I was SO stoked.

263259Located right off of the Haymarket T stop on the Orange and Green Lines, it’s super easy to get to. I always bring a reusable grocery bag so I don’t have to carry multiple bags, but they also provide them at each vendor! This open air market has been happening for over 150 years if not more. Vendors cluster around a few blocks, set up tents and stands and then sell produce, fish, oysters, cheeses, etc at rock bottom prices! I’m the type of person who even just likes to walk around/people watch and this is a top notch spot.

All along I've been calling them cantelopes...

All along I’ve been calling them cantelopes…

I knew I had wanted to go to grab some fresh fruits since I was running low, but I also wandered around until I figured out what I wanted to make for dinner. So once I finally settled on bruschetta, I walked around all the vendors scoping out the best deals/quality produce. I’m sure some of it is the stuff that “fell off the truck” or couldn’t be sold to larger vendors but you can still find some really great stuff! I was now on the hunt for quality tomatoes, onions and scallions and at a budget because I only had 5 bucks and change in cash on me at the time! (note: cash only operation!)

261 262You can kind of haggle with the vendors which is always fun. I saw a bunch of tomatoes that I liked the looks of but they were going 5 for $2 and I only had $1 left on me. So the guy ended up letting me take 3 of the 5 tomatoes for a buck so I made out a bit! Then I found these giant scallions and most of the signs around the market advertised 4 bunches/$1 but I’m one person. I can’t use 4 bunches of scallions in the next couple of days! So I walked up to the guy who was manning the scallions and said “how much would it be for one bunch?” He said, “ONLY ONE BUNCH?” “uhh… yeah?” “For you? A smile” So of course, I flash him my pearly whites and he hands me the scallions!

Part of me hates that he made me do something to get them and almost kind of flirt with him but hey, I got free scallions. It’s a fine line!

264 265The market is in a great area- right near Fanueil Hall and they hold the Boston Calling which is a huge outdoor concert at Government Center twice a year. It’s a definitely a bustling place! It’s a must see for anyone who visits Boston in the near future. I definitely will keep visiting it throughout the summer to get the most bang for my buck!

Check back next week on Tuesday for another post grad blog!


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