Spotify Obsessions

So I know everyone has their own taste in music, but there are so many bands right now that I can’t stop listening to on Spotify/Pandora/iTunes. Music is one of those things that I HAVE to have. While I’m at work, I’m constantly humming a tune in my head. I listen to the radio to and from work. I listen to my ipod at the gym for some pump up inspiration. I’m even listening to music now as I write this blog post. I’d say my taste in music is Indie Pop with some Top 40’s thrown in there. I like mostly anything except country and hardcore house music (sorry to those that do!). So without further ado (adieu? A-du? ah-due? Wtf is that word…) here are some of my favorite jams at the moment!

Dreaming- Smallpools

Saw them in concert and I didn’t totally enjoy them live although now I’m addicted and can’t stop listening!

Somebody Loves You- Betty Who

Just something fun and dancey!

Night Like This- LP

Definitely something a little more mellow. This is great when I’m writing or trying to fall asleep at night!

Stutter- Mariana’s Trench

Imagine me dancing in my kitchen while making dinner. This is definitely something I might be listening to.

Cheap Sunglasses- RAC

Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns

Strong as an Oak- Watsky

This song speaks to me because I’m BROKE too.

6AM- Fitz and the Tantrums

If you like throwback sounds with catchy lyrics, Fitz & the Tantrums is for you! I love the instrumentals in a lot of their music. I don’t usually like using this word, but it just all seems really organic and original. LOVE THEM.

Catherine- Magic Man

Magic Man is AMAZING in concert. They sound exactly like their CD’s do, and they’re really happy to interact with their audience. They seem like really genuine people with a great sound!

Beware the Dog- The Griswolds

Warning: This music video is so freaking weird. But I love love love this song. I also found out that they’re going on tour with Walk the Moon which means I’ll be seeing them twice in concert really soon!

Down in the Dumps- Walk the Moon

This song always pumps me up and makes me feel better about myself. Hands down my favorite band for the past 5 years and I’m so excited that they’re finally blowing up! I can’t wait to see them in concert and write about the experience. I’ve already seen them 3 times and can’t wait to make it 5. SO PUMPED.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into some of my favorite music jams at the moment! Check back in two days for a Food For Thought Thursday post! If you want to follow my blog via email, just sign up on the side and you’ll receive emails with the post once they go up (so only twice a week!) or you can hit the follow button at the top of the page if you have a wordpress blog! I’ll be checking out everyone who follows and comments so don’t be shy!

Adios amigos!


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