The Bad Luck Club

It’s kinda like the Bad Girls Club. Except there’s no fighting, drunken brawls or verbal abuse. Or fun in general. Okay, maybe it’s not like the Bad Girls Club at all cause at least that might be somewhat enjoyable amongst all the drama.

I’ve just been the brunt of some pretty extensive weird/bad luck lately. So in case any of you have been living under a rock, Boston has been hit week after week with foot after foot of snow and now my yard has like 6 feet piled in it from shoveling so much. I’m even writing while we’re having yet ANOTHER snow day. But basically I was on my way to work one morning and it had just rained overnight. But little did I know, was that the rain had refrozen on the street thus creating DUN DUN DUN. Black ice.

So I hadn’t even gone down the street from my house where I hit this patch sending my car into a tailspin. I pretty much lost control of my car and hit a parked car. The other person’s car wasn’t as bad as mine; their bumper was a little scratched but that was about it. Whereas my car took the whole brunt of the accident: a crumpled hood, my front bumper cracked down the middle, my headlights pushed back into the car and my grill fell off. POOR BETTY WHITE!!

217I missed a day of work and the day after the crash I had to go get an estimate on the damage before I can take it to a mechanic to get it fixed. My neighbors blocked me into the driveway so therefore I was late and missed my appointment! UGH. My luck couldn’t get any worse. All of this rolled into one with my case of pink eye and my hit and run from the previous months; doesn’t seem like 2015 likes me very much for some reason! TAKE PITY ON ME UNIVERSE! I BEG YOU!

Fingers crossed for my luck turning around soon! And of course for this snow to stop wrecking havoc on everyone’s lives!

Another tiny little bad luck story, but also a very interesting story happened to me a couple weeks ago when I was going to work. I arrived early as per usual around 4:45 on a Sunday only to see a man pretty much leaning against the door and sloppily banging on the door at Flour. This is the only entrance I have into the building so I can’t exactly go up to the drunko and say “oh excuse me sir, I have to get into this building that you’re clearly trying to get into but you can’t come in”. He was in obvious/desperate need of a sandwich to sober up.

So I sit in my car, looking up the police phone number for Cambridge so I can have an officer come escort him away so I’m not late for work. As I’m on the phone with the police, he begins to stumble and zig zag away. He doesn’t even make it 10 feet from the door when he leans against the wall, slowly slides down until he’s sitting and then next thing I know he’s passed out laying on the ground. Luckily the cops showed up maybe 5 minutes later but the guy is completely unresponsive and then they have to take him away in an ambulance!!! What a start to my morning. But it made me 5 minutes late for work which wasn’t the greatest but I guess it could’ve been worse! #earlymorningproblems

(Edit: Since I wrote this post, I have also gotten a cavity and diagnosed with shingles. GO ME!)

Member meetings for the Bad Luck Club happen online so all are welcome. Feel free to leave your bad luck stories in the comments so we can all have a good cry together. At least we have each other, right?

Au bientot, mes amis!


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