Vision for the Blog Future

Hey everyone! I’m baaaaaaack! Full steam ahead!

I wanted to share my vision for the future here at YoungAdultlescence! So my blog got a slight makeover, thanks to my genius sister, Steph, who is a graphic designer! She made the awesome logo you’ll see across the top of the blog. She’s so talented and I’m really grateful that I can email her and go “Hey Steph, how can I make a logo-y picture thing but it’s telling me something about pixels and idk what the size is… Can you just log on my account and mess around with it for me?”. And she literally just works her magic and voila! She knows exactly what I like! Check out her design website (with hopefully an Etsy shop to come soon too!):

Across the top, there are two menus to pick from! One lists the categories, another has links to all forms of my social media- check them out! So moving forward, I have decided to write TWICE A WEEK, PEOPLE! GET PUUUMPED! I’ll be posting about all of my Post-Grad shenanigans on Tuesdays and all food related posts will be on Food for Thought Thursdays!

So much of my life revolves around food and foodie related things. Whether its the type of day I had at work, a product or restaurant review, guest food bloggers or maybe even interviews with my super talented friends who work different types of jobs in the food industry!

To any of my non-blogger friends, if you’re interested in following my blog and seeing what I write each week, there’s a button in the left hand sidebar (I’m over here! ——-> ) where you can submit your email address to get my updates two times a week. And of course, to my new blogger friends, hit the follow button across the top! I’d love to find some great new blogs to follow so I’ll be checking you guys out too!

This feels like an exciting new chapter for me and I hope you’re all ready to come with on this adventure!


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