Under Construction!

Hey avid readers!

(I meant you, Mom.)

I recently just spent a weekend with my fellow blogger friend, Kara,  at her timeshare in New Hampshire (check her out at https://sweetongreens.wordpress.com/ !) and have been inspired to re-vamp my blog! Stay tuned for some new direction in my blogging as it relates to my life in the food service industry as well as all the other crazy stuff associated with it.

By the way, is New Hamp a thing? Do people from NH ever call it New Hamp? I’ve been known at work to abbreviate everything and have been mercilessly made fun of it. I mean, its really not my fault when every storage container is marked GMO or ORC or Blue when it’s actually ginger molasses cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies or blueberry muffin batter. LONG LIVE THE #ABBREVS!

Anyway, please be patient as I work on refocusing and really dedicating myself to this blog in 2015. And no, that wasn’t a New Years resolution which means I can’t fall into the same pattern every other NewYearNewMe human does- trying really hard for 3 weeks and then forgetting it was even a promise they made to themselves. I’m dedicated and ambitious, I promise!!



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