Quinceneras and the New York Times

I know I may not be the best at regularly updating this blog, but sometimes I don’t always think I have interesting things to say, ya know? But then all of a sudden, a month passes and looking back in retrospect, I don’t even know how these things happen to me.

So back in December, I had a random Saturday off from the bakery which is an absolute rare occasion. Therefore, my roommates and I decided to throw a party celebrating my ability to go out in Boston like a normal human. Super casual, I know. We called it, “Abby’s Coming Out (on the town) Party and the tagline read,

It’s my Quincenera. My Baht Mitzvah. Debutante Ball. Sweet 16. Tribal sacrifice. Or just my first normal human night off in centuries. COME CELEBRATE BEING NORMAL! Or something…

We’re hosting a pre-gaming party at our apartment before hitting the streets in Boston! Pong, dranks, games, laughter, eternal sunshine. Be there or be not here. Your choice, loser.”

Let me tell you guys, WHAT A NIGHT. I made everyone wear party hats because it was my Quincenera, obviously. After pre-gaming at the house, we went to this pretty cool bar/club in Boston called Cask and Flagans. Super fun and dancey and filled with kamikazes. Definitely a night I won’t forget anytime soon! Here’s some pretty classic pictures from the night:

153 154

After the party was over, it was back to work for me until Christmas. The bakery was super busy on Christmas Eve, I was running around like a lunatic because everyone and their mother ordered sticky buns and breakfast pastries to take to their families. But luckily once that shift was over, I flew back home to Pennsylvania and spent some time with my family.

Of course now that I’m back, I have to dive back into real adult life. My phone decided that the camera light didn’t want to shut off so I had to make an appointment with Apple to get it fixed. As I’m walking down Boylston Street, this woman keeps making awkward eye contact with me and finally corners me. Turns out she’s a reporter from the New York Times and is writing an article on the Boston Marathon bombing since the trials are starting. She begins by asking me my opinion on the trials (which of course I didn’t actually know were starting). So I tried really hard to tell her that I was probably not informed enough to give her a good quote but she wasn’t having ANY of it; you could just tell that she needed a quote for the paper. So I give the most diplomatic opinions on the whole matter and I’m sure I sounded so stupid anyway. BUT REGARDLESS. I’m in the New York Times, people! I’M FAMOUS! Abby, 22, a baker. THEY KNOW ME.


Also since I’ve been back, I’ve only babysat for a couple days but low and behold, I get pink eye. Crusty, itchy, squinty pink eye. So of course, I can’t work at the bakery or I’ll infect everyone even though I feel completely fine. I could go run a marathon and feel great (just kidding, I can’t do that. Although I ran for 15 minutes straight the other day and I was super proud of myself! Baby steps, right?). So now I’m stuck at home, tending to my gross oozing baby eye.

I don’t ask for these things to happen to me, I swear!

So yeah, the new year has already been pretty eventful. Has anything exciting or weird happened to you guys? Has anyone ever had pink eye before? Tell me stories!


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