I was followed by a P.I. HALP

Seriously. What is my life. So this last month or so has been SUPER hectic thanks to the holidays at the bakery and babysitting non-stop. On top of all of that, my dad decides to tell my insurance that I basically don’t live in Pennsylvania anymore. I mean… I was supposed to switch my license plates and insurance eventually, especially since I’ve been living in Boston for 7 months buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut that’s WAY too adult for me to want to handle. OOPS.

Brace yourself for the IMMENSE amounts of irony. I was on my way to the DMV to change my license to Massachusetts. Also, my new insurance also started that exact same day. Maybe 10 minutes into my drive, I’m sitting like a duck near an intersection in tons of traffic and some doucher in a large white work van throws his blinker on, crosses into the opposite lane of traffic to turn left at an intersection. BUT LOOK WHAT HE DID TO MY POOR CAR, BETTY WHITE!

152Of course, the car doesn’t stop so I’m so super shocked and some sort of instinct in me starts memorizing his plate number and I’m screaming it over and over until I pull my car over and write down the numbers. I ended up having to call the police to file a report and the next day I filed a claim with my insurance company.

BUT IT GETS BETTER PEOPLE. This crazy person had a note left on his car by the cop saying he was involved in a hit and run. On Friday I received a phone call from my college’s safety and security department saying his wife Googled me and somehow found my school’s information and tried to get my information saying they were willing to pay out of pocket instead of the insurance. Maybe an hour later, I have a LinkedIn invitation from this guy as well as an email from him. I was kinda creeped out that I was that Google-able so I hadn’t gathered myself to respond.

Literally less than 24 hours after that, my boss calls me on my day off telling me that his wife called my PLACE OF BUSINESS twice, harassing them and asking about all of my personal information trying to confirm that I was who they thought I was.  Well now I’m pissed. Not only did you hit my car but then you’re harassing me in every area of my life. What else do they want to know? My vaccination records? How about my dating history? Dental records?

After speaking with my parents, I finally emailed these people back with an appropriate response. Twenty minutes after I was on the phone with my family, my dad calls back to inform me that a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR called my house to find out if I was the one involved in the accident! WHAT THE HELL.

So yeah, I’ve been dealing with that as of late. How’s that for needing/struggling/trying/drowning while trying to adult? How does one adult.

Needless to say, I’m pumped to go back to PA for Christmas with my family in a couple days and forget all of this for just a couple days!

How bizarre is my life, right? Has anyone else dealt with something as incredulous as this?

Thanks to those who read my semi-infrequent posts. I just figured I had to share the craziness! L8tr Sk8trs.


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