Straight Boggin’

Fall is my favorite season in the most cliche common white girl way. I love the colors, wearing boots and sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. Sorry, no PSL lovin’ at Starbies from me though. On my days off and after work on the weekends, I’ve been trying my best to enjoy the beautiful weather and feel like a normal human.

A couple weeks ago, I went apple picking with my roommate/best friend/secret lesbian lover and we just galavamped all throughout the orchards, eating as many apples as possible. Of course, we couldn’t leave without buying a gallon of apple cider- YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM. I ended up making some applesauce out of half of them- which I had never done but it turned out pretty sweet (no pun intended)!
134 133

To make the applesauce (for those interested), I chopped and peeled my apples and stuck them into a soup pot. Added some orange juice and cider just until the apples floated. Then I added some spice and sugar and cooked the crap out of it, stirring occasionally! Cook time was probs over an hour or so until it was the right consistency. The apples just break down over time so add liquid if you need it and OF COURSE taste along the way to see if you need to add anything else. Let me know if you end up making any of your own!

I spent another day going to Concord and Lexington with another friend to visit my philosophical soulmate, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Concord was SO GORGEOUS. And definitely white picket fence. Hellooooo property taxes at their finest. We walked around town, went into some antique shops and then to visit my main man. We also drove past Walden Pond! Lastly, we went to something called Wilson Farms in Lexington which was this huge farmers market with fresh apple cider donuts (you bet your ass I bought one of those too) along with a bunch of other homemade/homegrown foods. YUM-O.

My most recent adventure was going to a cranberry bog with Flour! My bakery organizes field trips for anyone who wants to go to learn something about the food service industry! It happened to be my day off so I drove out to Carver, MA to visit this beautiful bog.


Turns out this is one of the 3% of bogs in the US that DOESN’T do wet harvesting. Basically what you see in the OceanSpray commercials- standing in those rubber pants amongst all the berries. So cranberries are of course still grown in bogs, but at this specific farm, they’re harvested by a small combine that gently picks off the berries and gathers them in burlap sacks. Then the sacks get dumped into gray containers (18-20 bags can fit in one) and are stacked three high to then have a helicopter airlift them out!

Wet harvesting is when they flood the bogs, and the cranberries float to the surface due to their buoyancy. They’re then collected and sent to be sorted. However, these berries are typically used for juices, craisins, any type of cranberry inclusion because the harvesting process tends to damage the berries more than dry harvesting. The most interesting, and kind of disturbing thing I learned however, was that dried cranberries are usually squeezed to death and then re-saturated with sweetened cranberry juice. So essentially dried cranberries aren’t healthy. Maybe it was just me, but I was really surprised!

They then took us inside their store/museum-y building and showed us an old sorting machine that was only hooked up to electricity 40 years ago. Otherwise they’d have to do it all by hand!

139    138


After our cranberry adventure, my roommate and I didn’t exactly want to go home yet, especially since we drove an hour to get there. We ended up checking out Plymouth which was only a few miles away. I saw the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, which ended up being the pet rock of America. It was literally surrounded by fences and screaming children. What more can you ask for, right?

143 142

Ya know, just tryin to live my life and not be a slave to working or babysitting. Knowledge is power, my friends. Hope you enjoyed this semi-foody post! Welcome to my world. L8tr homiesssss


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