Ouch, Charlie

So lately I’ve been working on this post-grad balance of working and trying to do enough to make myself not want to rip my hair out all the time. Between my two jobs, I clock almost 60 hours a week which definitely isn’t unheard of in the food service industry. Most people might even say I’m getting off lucky hour-wise but my days seem to last forever since I get up at 3AM. WOOF. I’m definitely in desperate need of some nap time with my bed but overall I’m making due. And most importantly, making dat payyyperrrrrrrrr, ja feel?

Something I haven’t been super forward with but want to now share is the fact that I’ve been struggling with some pain in my hands and arms for quite some time now and have been to multiple doctors visits to figure out whats going on. No one told me how difficult insurance is to figure out, what kind of coverage you get, what doctors you can see and which ones you can’t, which ones are weirdos or the right fit for you. Adulting is haaaaaard especially when all I want to do is get tipsy and binge watch Netflix or maybe just even read a good book (I’m reading the Divergent series right now- any fans?)

I don’t mention this to get a pity party, but to rather share a moment between myself and my new doctor last week when describing symptoms and how it relates to the work I do in the bakery:

Dr: So describe some time when the pain occurs.
A: Well, it happens whenever I have to pinch anything like a glazing brush or when I sprinkle sugar. It also happens when I have to dimple bread for 45 minutes every day.

* Doc looks at me with confused like “wut the fuck is dimpling” *

A: ….dimpling is when you have to de-gas the dough with your hands by pressing on it and making indents…
Dr: *mumbles under breath as typing into computer* “…pokes at bread…”

POKES AT BREAD, DOC. REALLY. Oh hey Abby, what do you do for a living? Oh ya know, I just poke at bread all day. I don’t work my ass off, sacrifice my social life and make a minimum salary to wake up at 4AM and make Boston breakfast everyday or anything. I just poke at bread. Simple as that.

(Side note: After bloods tests, an EMG nerve test and a now semi-permanent wrist brace that I wear in the afternoons, I have been deduced to have a “touch of carpal tunnel”. KEWLLLLLLL)

Don’t you hate when people who aren’t in your industry, whatever that may be, decide that your work doesn’t seem as important as theirs? “Oh you’re a graphic designer? That’s cool, what do you do, draw pictures all day?” “Oh, you work in events? Do you just get paid to go to parties?” “Oh you’re an preschool teacher? You must like getting paid to do arts and crafts all day, huh”

I mean yeah, I do get paid to make cookies and try pastries. But there’s a rhyme and a reason for these things. In my specific industry, we try the food to know how it tastes 1) to make sure the product is consistent and 2) so we know that the majority of people are also going to like it and buy it. Common business sense. Give the people what they want, incorporate your food and labor costs and then raise it 35% to gain a profit. Bada bing bada boom people.

There are a lot of careers I don’t know about but I’m going to be sure to keep an open mind from here on out because I’m sure even though I may not place as much value on a certain task or find passion in another kind of job, somebody else sure does.

ANYWHO: Those are my woes and pains of the day. And of general post-grad life. Anybody else on that grind? SHARE A STORY WITH ME- I finally have an afternoon off and can pay attention to the internet today! Horray!

I’m off to take a nap now. Smell ya lataaaaaa


2 thoughts on “Ouch, Charlie

  1. Brenna says:

    Abby, brenna here. I love your blog. I just got a chance to look at it. (And it’s only 12:42am on a Saturday night. No, I’m not partying, but just getting home from work). You keep writing girl, because I’ll keep reading. Miss you #caturday.


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