All Aboard The Struggle Bus

So I’ve been doing this two job thing for a little over 2 weeks now and it’s mostly going okay. I work 7 days a week, 3 of which I work both jobs at the bakery and babysitting the kids after school where I have probably 12ish hour days. I really need the second income because, lets face it, the food service industry pays shiiiiiit and its barely enough to cover my Boston richy rich rent and food and fun and gas and bills and loans etc etc etc UUUUUGH.

Here’s what I’m getting at though- I’ve been starting to realize that I need to make time to do something for myself amongst all of this working. This blog is one of those things. I like working, don’t get me wrong. But it’s for the paychecks and theres no such thing as “working for the weekend” as most 9 to 5ers do (no offense, you 9 to 5ers). My social life is/has been on the minimum thanks to my weirdo hours and 8pm bedtime. So what can I add to my life that semi-satisfies both of those things?

Today, I decided to wake up before 9 to try and go to this yoga class on Comm Ave for a hiphop yoga class. Sounds fun as shit to me. So I wake up, drive downtown, and pay a meter for an hour and a half ONLY TO HAVE THE STUDIO LOCKED AND DARK. Excuse me, wicka what. I just used ALL of my quarters which I preciously hoard for special occasions where I need to pay tolls or meters to do FUN STUFF. So I left, with an hour and 15 minutes left… so many wasted quarters. You’re welcome for the paid spot, you next lucky bastard.

I tried to join a kickball league but was waitlisted. Merp. I’ve also been thinking about joining the YMCA near my house or a gym nearby to give me something to do for a bit after work and let off some steam. Maybe my first post-grad year is meant to focus my life and help me get set up for the next couple years. Not that I want to leave my job or anything, but I often think about what my next step would be and how that would help me to achieve my end game (whatever that may be too…). I spent years in school working for this moment when I was out and in the industry, blissfully happy and completely fulfilled. How long does that moment take? I wouldn’t say I’m completely lost or anything but does anyone else feel this way?

OK ENOUGH WITH THIS DEBBIE DOWNER NONSENSE. I’ve gotten some pretty epic messages within the last week on OkC so maybe I’ll indulge you with a few in the next post!


Peace out homies.


2 thoughts on “All Aboard The Struggle Bus

  1. Taylor Levesque says:

    I literally struggle all day every day wondering why the real world is portrayed as glamorous. I feel like I’m just grinding my life away with no fun thanks to my crazy shifting schedule


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