Dat Ass

My roommates and their friends went out the other night and I was all like my social life is with my bed. Hello morning shift at the bakery! Look at all this bread I had to dimple. And this was minus 6 sheet pans. Woof.

111This week alone, I worked a 10 hour day, 12 hour day, 9 hour day and 2 normal 8 hour days. One more day to go! I don’t know how much more energy I can muster; I don’t even want to do those dishes from last nights chicken stir-fry that just sit in a sad, fruit fly pile in the sink. Fuck it, it can wait right?

Yesterday at work, I was on the hunt for our granola bags that we use for retail packaging. For anyone who knows a kitchen, the walk in fridge is pretty huge. Floor to ceiling kind of deal. WELL. Ours has about a foot and a half between the top and the ceiling and is probably 10-15 feet deep and GUESS WHO HAD TO CRAWL UP THERE AND LOOK FOR BAGS.Did I find any? Nope, nada. My co-worker got this pretty hilarious picture of my feet sticking out being basically trapped about our fridge. Hope they took advantage of the opportunity to check out my butt. YOURE WELCOME.


Today I labored on Labor Day. Living dat dream life people. I just realized that even though I start my nannying job tomorrow, I’ll be working 7 days a week for pretty much the rest of my existence. HOLLER.

Does anyone else struggle with wanting to do things but not ACTUALLY wanting to do them because it requires energy? TOO MUCH ENERGY.

Hopefully I’ll have some great “kids say the darndest things” stories in the upcoming days and maybe a drunken night or too in my future! Fingers crossed! MAYBE I’LL WRITE A POST WHEN I’M WASTED AND SEE WHAT KIND OF HILARIOUS SHENANIGANS I SAY. Lets doooo itttttttttt

p.s. I apologize to all of those actual adults who may be reading this. OOPS. I’m really responsible, I promise.

L8tr homies.



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