2:15AM- A Memoir

Alarm. Snooze. Squint. Light. Pee. Brush teeth. Fruit for breakfast. Morning internet scroll. Drive to work. Work. Repeat.

Yep, that’s the time I woke up today. I don’t think I could even consider the amount of sleep I got anything more than an elongated nap. Woof. My weekends are Tuesday/Wednesdays so it was my first day back at work and we had a bajillion orders to fill which meant I had to be called in early. Sleep is for the weak though, right?

However, I think I’ll gladly accept these early mornings (or would it be considered late at night?) knowing that I’m going home to Pennsylvania on Saturday after work! Land of the free, home of the Amish. Back to my people. It’s only four days long though- what’s a real vacation?

I’ve been on the run since March with a million stressful things on my plate. During my internship with America’s Test Kitchen, I had been applying to a million and a half jobs, going on countless interviews and stages (basically a day of working for free to see what the business is like), and looking for apartments soooooooomewhere in Boston at a hopefully semi-affordable price. Too bad I think semi-affordable is $6 for a bay breeze. What does that equate for in apartment terms? But what I’ve found to be true so far throughout all of the stress:

Everything that is meant to be will work out how its supposed to.

Cheesy right? YOURE WELCOME INTERNET. Somehow, I ended up accepting my job and signing the lease for my apartment within 24 hours. Praise all that is good and holy; perhaps it was sheer luck. Not to mention that Allie (my “messy but loveable roommate” as she likes to call herself) and I signed our lease in a liquor store/conveinance store near the condoms at the back counter. KLASSY.

Regardless, I’m not 100% sure how it all worked out. How to adult. My current concern includes who’s going to pack my bag for home because I’m too lazy and only want to watch Netflix/cry at all of the Parenthood episodes. I’m also considering what cereal I’ll eat for dinner as per usual. A day in the life!

Hopefully I’ll return back to PA, to my normal townie lifestyle and be able to relax a bit. L8tr sk8trs, catch ya on the flip side.


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