Happy New Blog

So my mom sent me this text today:

“You are doing everything that you can and that is very adult of you. You are more adult than you think!”

Yeah okay Mom. Here I am, age 22, struggling to fill out health insurance paperwork for my new job all the while realizing I’ve been wearing the same socks for 3 days. I’m in DESPERATE need to do laundry but put off the whole ordeal because my basement is creepy. For some reason, I thought this blog would be a great idea because 1) I love putting way more on my plate than I can handle 2) I don’t believe that I’m the only 22 year old that is struggling with the idea of being an adult and 3) I had to find a way to fulfill my complete narcissism, duh.

I remember being a kid and thinking that when I met someone who was in their 20’s that they had their shit together. Out of college? No problem. Live by yourself? Rad. Working a job that you love? Even better. But they don’t tell you that a whole new set of problems comes hand in hand with being an adult. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I’d want to go back to being that 13 year old brat who cried over having to take the trash out every Wednesday night (I had a tough childhood, obviously), but I also feel very misinformed how to deal with landlords, find new doctors, do laundry in creepy basements, pay all my bills and loans, etc. Not only that, but I have entered into probably one of the most incredible but mysterious professions I could possibly choose. Let me explain…

I went to Johnson & Wales University for Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management. Now I work at Flour Bakery in Boston as their opening baker where I work 4am-12pm. The food service life definitely isn’t for everyone but it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced. I gladly welcome the crazy shifts, weird sleeping and eating habits and all of the (literal) battle scars associated with it. Normal weekends? What’s that like? Going to bed after 8pm? Never heard of it. I’m pretty sure that cereal composes about 2/3rds of all meals consumed in my life. But I love it, so who cares.

So here I am. Ready to publicly struggle through adulthood and share my experience with you guys along the way. BON APPETITE MY FRIENDS.


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